New Year’s Resolution Revision

November 6, 2015

Let the Sun Shine

Last February I wrote a post about making a general sort of New Year Resolution.  It was to TRY.  Just TRY harder at everything, across the board.

I did make a list of things I specifically wanted to TRY harder at though.  And my number one TRY has been ringing in my ears a little of late.

I was going to TRY & focus on being positive.  And most of all, speaking positively.

I remember at the time that I was having real issues.  I was down in the dumps, feeling crap & vocalising it.  To people that didn’t need to hear my crappy, negative, spiteful thoughts.

And I’ve done a really great job all year.  Once I made a conscious effort to not speak those negative thoughts out loud, I found that I started to think positively more & more.  It became easier as the year wore on & I felt better for it.

But, now.  I’m over tired.  I’m run down.  Those negative thoughts are creeping back into my head.  Where do they even come from?  I’m not that person.

As I feel the bags heavy under my eyes, as I let the stress of the last few months weigh heavy on my shoulders, I hear that horrible little voice in the back of head vocalising my insecurities.  Saying shit that just doesn’t need to be said!  Find something good to talk about girlfriend or don’t say anything at all!

So, it’s time to start focusing again.

Get ready for the festive season, my favourite time of the year, filled with family & friends, excited children & pretty things!  I want to enjoy it all & not have to bite my tongue.

So, over the next few weeks I will put my focus back into plan & get back on track.  Yee ha!

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?  Did you stick to them?  Any advice for me on how I can avoid being a Negative Nancy?


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