4 Simple Ways to Beach Shack-ify Your Pad!

December 28, 2014


Summer’s here and let’s face it, most of us would prefer to spend our days hanging out at the beach, with the wind blowing through our hair and cool salty water flowing over our skin.  

There’s something so serene yet refreshing about the beach life.  It draws you near in a nonchalant way making the most hyper of us calm and relaxed with very little effort.  

Personally, I find it difficult to live any more than a sea smelling’s distance from the ocean.  I like nothing better than to lay awake at night listening to the wave’s crash in a soothing, settling way.

Here’s my top 4 tips to creating the perfect beach shack in your own home without working up a sweat!

1.  Natural Tones


 Whites and sandy tones mixed with natural materials will create a beach house look that is cosy and has a relaxed feel. Using reclaimed wood will add to the overall feel of the space.

2.  Accessorise


Cushions are your best friend and will add a feature point to your space very inexpensively.  Rattan baskets like these ones from My Little Bungalow can be used as a collection of 3 or split them up and use in different rooms.  They are perfect for a palm, as storage for magazines, towel or toys. String pieces of drift wood together to place on a coffee table or hang on the wall.  I like to collect shells and place them in glass jars all over the house.


3.  Outdoor Space

Whether it be a couple of comfy chairs in the garden, and rattan couch on the porch or a cotton hammock on the deck, creating an outside space to relax is essential for the perfect beach house.  Add some coloured pots filled with palms or succulents or just throw some large cushions on the ground. Creating a space that you can relax in and read a good book or share a glass of wine with friends and family is a quintessential beach house must.



4.  Scent

I love to fill my house with beautifully scented candles like this Coastal scented one from My Little Bungalow.  It’s the beach in a jar!

A big thank you to Liza from My Little Bungalow for this guest post

If you’d like more styling tips or information on other services My Little Bungalow offer, (or some gorgeous home wares), you can visit My Little Bungalow here & on Facebook.

Photos: Pinterest & My Little Bungalow

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