My Little Artist

November 25, 2016

Kid's talents

I come from a family of artists.  None that have made their name in the field, but there’s quite a few who probably could have, my brother & Mum fore sure!  The D-Man has artists on both sides of his family so I’m hoping they rub off on him a little.

At the age of five he’s just coming into his own in the world of art & I think, that he is a little artist in the making.

When he wants to draw, & I must stress that WHEN HE wants to draw, his illustrations are beautiful.  He uses colour.  He uses detail.  He uses imagination.  He sits still.  He concentrates.  He takes his time.  (Traits that are not seen regularly in his everyday life I might add!)

His older sister is quite the artist too.  Oaks can copy another picture as well as if she traced it.  But she fails to think of her own pictures in the way The D-Man does.

Oaks will make a brilliant graphic artist or architect.  A job where she can use her creative nature & ability in a setting that allows her to use tools to make things exact.  She is a perfectionist which unfortunately limits her creativeness.  She’ll be awesome if she has a computer program that will make her artwork exactly how she wants it!  I think if anything, design will suit her, maybe an architect, graphic designer…..

I hope The D-Man doesn’t lose that imagination.  The one that creates creatures like this.  It’s a dragon!  And oceans filled with sharks & amazing underwater creatures.  And new Pokémon characters with all the powers he desires.  I hope his illustrations never become black & white.

Do you have a little artist in your family?  A talent you can see that you’d love to nurture?

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