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My Favourite Instagram Accounts

May 20, 2015

I am an Instagram addict.  It’s taken over Facebook as my favourite type of social media.  But I must admit I’m not sure it’s not a healthy one!

There are days I love pouring over the gorgeous images posted, they inspire me, they make me laugh, they help me find a groovy new coffee shop or a fab new jacket.

Other days, these pictures of awesomeness just get me down.  That perfect breakfast plate?  That oh so perfect bedroom styling?  Those super cool endless parades of designer duds.  I get Instagram envy.

So in a battle to shake the Green Eyed Monster, today I’m going to share with you some of my favourite Instagram accounts & show you the love!

Inspiring Wit, I’m a fan!  Adelaide girl, living in Perth, fashion style to die for & a face that looks like she just walked out of the pages of a Vogue Editorial.  Looks like she’d be a fun gal to hang out with.  And talking about breakfasts, this looks a whole lot better than what I plated up this morning!!

MissKyreeLoves, another Perth girl, with super slick styling, a wardrobe to die for, & super cute hubby, what’s not to love?  This much white could seriously not exist in my house no matter how much I love it & a Fiddle Fig to call her own, where do I get my hands on one of these babies!!??

Oh kawaiian_lion, just too much coolness here!  She’s a Sydney Mum combining super cute kids, running a business all topped off with gorgeous island styling.  I can’t get enough, of to be so cool!

Harley & Soo is an online kids clothing store stocking the most original & gorgeous designer duds for the little people in your life.  The styling is spot on, & her kids are just adorable!!  (Harley&Soo have a pop up store in Perth right now!)

Emma Kate Co is a lifestyle & stationery brand based in Adelaide, one of my most favourite places in the world, & home to renowned stylish folk, Emma Kate is no exception.  Her photos are gorgeously styled & whimsical & inspiring.  Just secretly, I’d like to be Emma Kate for a day…..

Thought I’d better throw a fashion “grammer” into the mix.  I follow a lot of them, but Rouge Closet always makes me smile.  Her cat Licqoo always features in her gorgeous take on fashion flat lays & she’s based in Hong Kong, so there’s always something amazing to peek at!!

So, there’s just a sneak peek into my Instagram feed.  I hope you have a chance to follow a few of these lovely ladies & get inspired too!  Do you have any favourite accounts you’d like to share?  (And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too!)

All these images are owned by the Instagram account & holder

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