My Dirty Little Secret

August 28, 2014


I’ve got a guilty little secret. Well, actually it’s not that little…. I am addicted to renovating & decorating magazines.

I think there is nothing sweeter than walking down the magazine aisle at the supermarket, D-Man squirming in the trolley, boredom setting in, the minutes ticking away. Then I spy it!   The latest edition!! It doesn’t matter what it is, Home Beautiful, Outside In, Real Living, hell, I’ll even go a Country Style if the moment takes me!!  I covet it away, putting it neatly on top of the existing pile of mags I have at home, the cover photo brazenly peeking out at me, the headlines drawing me in.  But I wait, I wait until dinner is done, the kids are bathed & in bed, dishes done, Mr D happy & feet up.  Only then will I sink down into the couch & open that glossy cover & breathe in that wonderful magaziney smell!

Then, I have a slow & steady look through from beginning to end, just soaking in the pictures & headlines.  When that’s done, I go back to the start & actually start reading the copy.   If I see something I like, I use my trusty ipad to google the product or flag their website.   Even more basic, sometimes I just fold the corner of the page I like so I can get back to it easily!

I have so many magazines, occasionally I sit down to read it & realise that I’ve already bought that edition, bummer!   I do at times wonder if I will ever be able to part with my mags, my pile is getting to the height of a coffee table, so maybe that would work??!  And I do go back to them, especially as we’ve been renovating for the last 8 months.  I really have used the ideas & inspiration.   I also just like to dream!

Pinterest has taken over a little of my obsession.  It allows me an easy way to keep all those images I love in one place & I do make sure that I follow all the magazines I love!  Double the love!  But I don’t think that the ipad screen will ever replace that feel of the paper in my hands.

I have always loved magazines, starting with Smash Hits & the like in primary school, progressing to Dolly (how that changed my life in so many ways!), Cleo, Cosmo, you know how it goes, now it’s Real Living, sigh!  I’ve always read mags cover to cover, then torn out my fave pics & articles, sticking them on my wall, covering my school books in them & hording them away in files for future reference!

Maybe I should have become a magazine editor so I could be surrounded by magazines all day every day – or a newsagent owner – woo hoo!  Think I’d better stop there……

Do you have a dirty little secret? Maybe shoes, shopping, reality TV? Or a ritual like my magazine reading!  What about Pinterest – do you even go there??

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