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My Bali Diary – Day 4

July 3, 2017

Chandra Villa Seminyak

Day 4 of our annual Girl’s trip to Bali.

We’ve totally slowed down to Bali pace & are making the most of our rest & relaxation!

We’re a group of 6 this year, usually we’re 8.  Travelling with a group means you’ve always got someone who wants to do what you want to do, whether it’s shopping, a massage or relaxing with a book by the pool.  A big group also means there’s always something going on so you’re loathe to miss out!  The 6 of us makes the group smaller & somehow easier to slow down & do not much.  Which is what we are making the most of this trip.

After another wonderful in house Villa breakfast, we spend the morning relaxing by the pool.

Another massage for some of the ladies, they head off to another at Spring, the rest of us take advantage of working on our tan, reading trashy mags & catching up on each other’s busy lives.

We’ve all been friends for nearly 20 years & although we catch up regularly back in the real world, there’s nothing like a holidays away from family & work commitments to truly allow the time to chat & talk & find out what’s been going on in each other’s little world.

It’s lovely to spend time just with each other & enjoying all our beautiful Chandra Villa has to offer.

Including the amazing outdoor showers!  Our Villa has 3 bedrooms, each with their own en suite.  I love showering outside, Frangipani blossoms overhead, it’s gorgeous!  So Bali!  Wish I could add a bathroom like this to my house back home!

We’re feeling so lazy & comfortable where we are today, we order take away from Saigon Street delivered to the Villa.  Their food is fresh & delicious!  We finally try the much recommended dessert balls too – they’re pretty good!

Continuing with the in house theme, we organise for some lovely ladies to come to the villa for massages!  Bliss!

The fab staff at Villa Chandra organise all of this for us in the luxury of our own accommodation – just drag yourself out of the pool & away  you go!  It’s not much more expensive for the massage in our Villa than at a day spa, so we’re keen to use this service more often. It’s certainly doesn’t compare to all the treatments you would experience at a day spa like Spring, but for the basics like a foot or neck & shoulder massage – why not?

Chandra Villa Seminyak

Chandra Villa Bali

After such a relaxing day we are ready to hit the town!

Our villa is a short walk to Eat Street in Seminyak, so we put on our best duds & head straight to the Champagne Bar.

It’s a place we always go back to, mainly because we find the place hilarious!  It ‘s totally cheesy & certainly not high brow!  We can only afford to buy a glass of champers each, but the people watching is the best!  We laugh & laugh!

Champagne Bar Seminyak

Bistrot Seminyak

Bistrot Bali

Dinner tonight is at The Bistrot, a first for me.  Right across the road from the Champagne Bar – too easy!

It’s another amazing Bali fit out.  The decor is amazing, straight off the Bali street to provincial France!  The food is divine & we order wine!  (Wine is expensive in Bali so we tend to stick to cocktails….)  We had a delightful meal & I’d highly recommend it as a place to try if you’re in Seminyak.

So with full tummies & full hearts we head back home – nothing like a lazy, warm, tropical night’s stroll to laugh & goss with your friends to end the night.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Stay tuned for the ultimate Mother’s Day away from the kids!

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