My Bali Diary – Day 2

June 6, 2017

Breakfast in Bali

There is no sleep in for me today, it’s the usual 6am rise & shine.  Not sure if it’s because I’m excited & I just want to get up & get on with the beautiful day ahead of me, or if it’s just my body clock wanting to get the kid’s breakfast ready…..

Anyway, my bed buddy is my mate Lins & it’s a leisurely chat & quick scroll through our social media before we meander out to the pool  (our villa has free wifi – it was fast & reliable).

We always share a room on our Bali trips.  These are gals I’ve known for the last 15 years or so & we’re not precious.  Besides, it’s cheaper!

We swim & lounge around by the pool until our Villa staff arrive to make us breakfast!

Breakfast is included in the Villa & we make our selection the day before with the staff.  There is a big selection, any type of eggs, bacon & toast, the usual cooked stuff.  Then there’s Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng & I’m sure there was a cereal option, but as you can imagine, we didn’t opt for that one any of our days!  The meals were always lovely, freshly cooked & delicious!  We all love a hotel buffet, but there is something to be said for breakfast still in your pjs or fresh out of the pool in your bathers!!

Villa Chandra Seminyak

Bali Coffee

We are lovers of good coffee & were keen to try out a new App we’d had suggested to us called Go Jek.  The app worked beautifully sometimes, & not others, it’s an Indonesian app, so we had some language barriers!  Our Villa was very happy to organise coffee to be delivered to our Villa, so if you also have that option, I’d probably use that over the app. Be sure to ask if there’s a delivery cost, sometimes it’s pretty exorbitant!

Day 1 was Revolver.  It’s a quality coffee if you’re a coffee snob like me, you’re going to be happy with it.  Revolver is also a great venue to visit!

This morning also heralded our newest addition to the gang, our inflatable Unicorn!  We ordered her online before we arrived, We Float Bali come & pump her up onsite.  It was a cash payment, including a bond, which we got back at the end in cash.  So Rainbow Bubbles (we came up with that name ourselves, the geniuses we are!) cost about $35 for a week’s hire.  Instagram watch out!!

We plan on hitting the shops today & lucky for us our Villa comes with it’s own transport!  Ok, it won’t take you to Canggu, it’s for the immediate vicinity & for the use of all the villa guests, so sometimes there’s a little wait, but for us, it means an easy air conditioned ride to our destination without hailing a taxi.

Bali Transport

Today’s programme is shopping & most importantly, shopping for leather.

If you are going to have something made in leather while you are in Bali, you’re probably going to need at least 3 days to have it done.

We are pretty good at knowing exactly what we want made before we arrive in Bali & come armed with photos, something to copy & a list of things our friends want too!

Our favourite place for leather is Frenchy’s on Garlic Lane (off Melasti St) in Legion, we’ve used them a number of times now, they are a great price, produce a great product & they’ll deliver the finished items to us where we are staying.

Garlic Lane is one of our fave places to shop & central to lots of hotels, bars & restaurants.  We seem to be able to get all the “crappy” stuff we want to buy all in the one place here & we’re done in a day!

Our driver drops us at Bintang Supermarket (a great land mark in Seminyak) where we start by changing some Aussie dollars into Rupiah at a money changer.

We have our favourite money changers, they are reliable & we feel safe going there.

Never use a money changer out on the street.  Even when we are using a money changer we trust, we go in pairs & look over what the other one is doing & counting.  This is one of the most unsavoury parts of Bali, money changing can be challenging!  If you aren’t confident, change your money at home before you come, use a Bank in Bali or your hotel.  You won’t get as good a rate, but you will feel safe.

We decided to meander down the main street Laksmana, towards Legion so we can window shop & people watch.  Oh the sights you see! “He must be European”, became the catch cry of the day! We stock up on the regular Bali “junk” – fidget spinners in bulk (there’s a lot of kids between us!), AFL footy tops, caps, sandals, DVDs, silver jewellery, dream catchers, bathers & lots & lots of looking!!!

Miss Debby is just off Garlic Lane, ask someone if you can’t find it, they’ll show you where you need to go, it looks dodgy, but stay with me, it’ll be worth it.  Miss Debby is a fixed price store, so no haggling, just a good, fair price.  If you want to haggle on the street, go for it, it’s part of the Bali experience, but if you know what you want & just want to get it, Miss Debby’s or a similar type of store (you’ll come across them, they’ll be sign posted as “fixed price”) is a great place to go.

Haggling is another whole story for another time!

Shopping Bali

Shopping Bali

Shopping Bali

We stop for lunch at Mozzarella.  I haven’t been to this particular location before, they are a Bali chain & they are quality every time.  I have listed them as one of my places to take kids to eat in Bali (you can read that here) – fresh, tasty traditional Indonesian & western food – awesome pastas!  We shared the spring rolls, Mie Goreng & Satay.  Delicious.  And as we were obviously easing ourselves into Bali, it was waters & Cokes all round!  There’s something about an icey cold Coke in Bali, always with ice & lime – mmmmm!

After all that shopping, it’s back to the Villa for some more relaxing by the pool, followed by another massage at Spring!  Today I have the Hot Milk & Almond Pedicure & for roughly $25 for an hour – it’s fantastic!! And I get my toes painted too, of course.

For dinner tonight, we are off to one of our faves, Breeze at the Samaya.  This is not a cheap establishment by any means, you’ll be paying Australian prices.  We go there because the cocktails are amazing, the service outstanding, the food is to die for & the location is pretty much unbeatable.  It’s worth it!

We belatedly celebrate Linsey’s birthday while we are at dinner – who doesn’t love to embarrass a friend with the entire wait staff of a restaurant singing happy birthday to them with a cake ladened with blazing candles??!  The Balinese know how to do birthday celebrations!!

Seminyak Restaurants

Breeze is an easy walk back to the Villa.  The night’s are still & warm & it’s the perfect opportunity for a stroll.  Bring on Day 3!!

You can read all about Day 1 here!


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