My Bali Diary – Day 1

May 29, 2017

Garuda Perth to Bali

It’s 4.30am when my alarm goes off.  But in reality I haven’t slept that well waiting for that alarm.

The night before was a rush of making sure Mr D knew what he had to do with the kids the week I would be away, checking in with my Mum to make sure she was ok to check in on Mr D & his managing of the kids & a last minute pack of my suitcase – nearly forgot my pjs – woops!

A quick shower & I’m up & dressed in my “travelling” outfit.

Leaving Perth at about 15 degrees, sitting for 3 hours on a plane & arriving to 30 degree humidity requires planning an appropriate travel outfit.  My go-to is comfy pants, loose tee, sneakers, denim shirt & a scarf I can use as an extra layer.

An experienced traveller to Bali I always pack a pair of thongs or light weight sandals in my bag so I can take my sneakers off on landing & throw on the comfy summery shoes!  The denim shirt & scarf come off to – & voila!  I’m Bali weather ready on arrival!

We’re flying Garuda, it’s reliable & fully serviced, so you can eat some brekkie & have a wine (if you’re so inclined).  You also get in-flight entertainment, which is my only chance to actually watch a non Disney movie without interruption!!

Out typical pre-Bali routine is always the same.  We travel at this time to get maximum time in Bali but it can be quite tiring.  We always grab a coffee at the airport while we fill in our Departure cards & catch up on each other’s goss.  We may have indulged in an HJ’s bacon & egg muffin, shhhhhh!

Leaving plenty of time for customs & immigration, we head to Duty Free to stock up on supplies for the week ahead.  Champagne, Gin & Vodka were purchased.  We also pre-purchase our Duty Free goodies for the return flight too.  It saves on time & is so much easier to just collect at the ungodly hour we were returning to Perth at.

Perth to Bali

Our flight is a quick three & half hours, it’s easy & we arrive safe & happy!

If you haven’t been to Bali before it’s a great idea to arrange a transfer with your accommodation to get you from the airport to where you are staying.  It can be quite overwhelming arriving at Denpasar airport for the first time.  You will be greeted by a massive throng of people waving cards with names on them & hassling you with transport options.  So much easier if someone is there ready to get you!

If you don’t have transfers, head straight to the Taxi counter.  They will give you a ticket & a driver with a fixed price.  I would suggest you don’t let anyone else help you with your bags or your trolley or offer you transport.  Pre-arranged transfers or taxis only!

We have 2 pre-arranged cars taking us to our Villa.  The drivers are friendly & chatty & we are stoked to have arrived!

We are staying at Chandra Villas in Seminyak.  We chose it for it’s central location, it’s size & it’s price.  We’re eager to see it & get settled!

Bali Accommodation

Bali Accommodation

Seminyak Villa Accommodation

First stop, lunch at Sea Circus – it’s become a bit of a tradition on our first day, we love a fish taco, frozen Margarita or icey cold Bintang!  Sea Circus is light & bright & super relaxed.  We love it!

Best Bali Taco

Mexican Seminyak

After lunch we’ve already booked a spot at our favourite Day Spa, Spring!  (They have two locations, but we prefer the Petitgenet branch.)  We asked our the Villa Chandra staff to organise our appointments via email before we arrived.  We all booked the Signature Spring full body massage, but at the last minute two of us switched to a head, neck & shoulder massage, Bali is wonderfully flexible like that, nothing is too much trouble – remember to be grateful!!!  One hour later – we are relaxed & re-energised!!!

Bali Spa Treatments

Then it’s back to the Villa, change into our bathers & it’s pool time!

Our Villa staff are willing & able to organise just about anything for us, so we put in an order for ice, limes & mixers for our Duty Free, it’s all delivered to us an hour or so later & charged to our Villa.  Meanwhile, we’ve cracked the champers & taking our first dip of the trip in our private Villa pool.

Bali Villas

Villa Chandra Seminyak

Accommodation Bali


For dinner, it’s Saigon Street, modern Vietnamese.  It’s already a favourite with some of us, but for me, it’s a new place to try!  It’s casual cool & doesn’t disappoint, the food is fresh & delicious!!

But we’re tired from our long day & champers in the sun, so it’s back to the Villa & bed, ready for the week ahead!!  And please, please, let me sleep in!!  Another lazy day ahead……




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