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My 20 Hits & Misses of 2015

January 5, 2016

2015 Memories by Forty Up

There is so much to learn from looking back over a year that was.

It’s always interesting & cathartic in a way to be reminded of the lessons learnt, the events that mattered, the laughs had & tears shed over the previous 12 months.

I thought it would be nice to look back over 2015 & share with you with my Top 20 Hits & Misses of 2015.

1. I travelled to Japan for the first time.  What an amazing country.  I can’t wait to go back.

2. My youngest, The D-Man, finished Kindy, which means I no longer have a real excuse to not go out & get a real paid job back in the real world….

3. I returned to Thailand & a little island called Koh Lipe for a week of “go slow” & remembered how little you really need to be happy (ok, other than cocktails & white sandy beaches….).

4. I attended ProBlogger on the Gold Coast, a blogging conference which was so far out of my comfort zone that I loved myself sick for even getting there!  Hope I can go back in 2016.

5. I was nominated & finished as a finalist in the Kidspot Voices awards in the Parenting & Style Category.  Pretty cool.

6. Girl’s trip to Bali – nothing like some down time with some of your favourite chicks in the tropics!  My post on Shopping In Bali was also one of my Top 10 blog posts for 2015.

7. I forgave.  Big time.

8. I realised your kids can dictate your life for a while.  This doesn’t need to define you, but it’s pretty cool & a hell of a lot easier to just roll with it.

9. I learnt that although I’m old & wise enough to say no when I want, there’s a fine line between not saying no enough & saying no too much!

10. I travelled back to Adelaide for my Cousin’s wedding.  It was beautiful & reminded me how precious family is.

11. One of my oldest friends had a massive health scare & for a split second I imagined my life without her in it & it was terrifying.  Old friends really are gold.

12. I took Forty Up a little more seriously, paid a designer & got a shiny new home for my blog.

13. The D-Man broke his arm.  Our first trip to emergency.

14. One of my most gorgeous friends got married.  I did the reading at the ceremony & sobbed through the entire thing,  I was so happy for her.  But it’s not one of my proudest moments, I lie awake at night cringing at my over emotional performance….

15. My 8 year old Oaks amazed me every day.  She is a sports nut & brilliant at them all, not a trait she has inherited from me!  The latest is 20/20 cricket.  She’s the only girl on the team.  She teaches me something every day.

16. I breathed the same air as Oprah Winfrey & couldn’t help being inspired by what this woman has acheieved in her life.  I was lucky enough to see a ton of other great live acts too – Em Rusciano, Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, The Lion King – fan-bloody-tastic!

17. We renovated our kitchen.  I was amazed at how much I could achieve with a bbq & a gas stove for 3 months while we did it.  Even managed to de-clutter big time!

18. I got glasses.  Another sign of my age.  Oops – I haven’t got them on now, I still haven’t gotten use to wearing them!

19. Finally realised it’s never too late to do what you damn well want with your hair.  Fulfilled my mermaid hair dreams with pink & then purple.

20. I took part in the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival & was so struck down with fear I was borderline physically ill.  My dreams of being a super model are officially dead.

So, a really big year for me.  I actually had more than 20 points but felt that some things don’t need to be shared!

In saying that, thank you for reading.  My Forty Up community rocks & I’m so glad you are here with me as I embark on this blogging adventure.

I hope your 2016 is lining up to be something special – whatever that may mean to you.  Do you have any resolutions – I’d love you to share them with me!



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