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February 11, 2019

Mum Life

My 2 kids were back at school last week after what felt like a very long school break.

My eldest is in her final year of Primary School this year, year 6 – seriously, where does that time go??? I still remember her starting her first day of Kindy, like it was absolutely yesterday!!! She has turned out actually the best, I am so proud of her in so, so many ways. She’ll be twelve this year, I am feeling the definition of old.

She was elected Faction Captain this year. For her, that’s a lifelong dream achieved! She loves her sport & she’s so excited to help out the Sports Teacher on sports days, carnivals & collecting class faction points. Ah, it’s the little things!

My youngest will be 8 in May. He’s still my baby but trying so hard to be the big boy he desperately wants to be. Always in his big Sister’s shadow he so wants to blaze his own trail but has so much energy, enthusiasm & a rather large dose of frustration that gets in his way so much of the time! He’ll get there. He’s in a split class this year with an older year group which I think he’ll really enjoy.

The best bit about the kids getting older is they now walk themselves to school. Taking that job out of my daily mix actually gives me so much extra time!!!

For example, this morning I walked with a friend from 6.30am to 7.30am.  Then I get home, make school lunches, get the kids organised, have my breakfast & usually, walk them to school by 8.30am.  I am still un-showered at this point & not back home until 8.50am.  Not any more!

At 8.30am I’m waving them goodbye while I sip my coffee, then hit the shower – I am dressed & ready for the day by 8.50am. I am at my desk before 9am. Sounds small I know, but this is just one of those little life changes that make a big difference!

Kind of like when you realise that you don’t walk down the Nappy aisle at the supermarket any more! Or when you don’t have to worry about a booster seat or putting a seat belt on your little ones any more. Or you don’t buy plastic cups & bowls from Ikea anymore!  Same with walking the kids to school.  It’s something you do as a constant, then bam! All of a sudden it’s gone.

I muse on these things all the time, how quickly the normal becomes the not normal. Sigh.

Is there something that you’ve noticed has changed for you lately? Is it a good one or a bad one?

Shan x

Check out this post from the past – gah! So much cuteness!

P.S – sitting here all smug then read today’s To Do List: Go to school with kids early to the Uniform shop…….. doh!

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