I’ve Had Worse…..

May 26, 2014

Hola from Mexico! We arrived at our hotel Riu Caribe in Cancun after an easy, fun 4 hour flight from New York to Cancun.

We’ve had a bit of rain, but otherwise the weather is perfect! It’s tropical & lush outside, all green & flowers, nothing like I expected, but hey!

Loving the Spanish language, it’s beautiful & quite easy to pick up, the locals pleased & encouraging when you give it a go. Who knew that my 6 odd years of watching Dora the Explora would come in so handy! Vamonos!

We’ve done two day trips, the first to Chichen Itza, a world heritage area of Mayan architecture. It has a complex history so I won’t go into it here, but needless to say it was pretty amazing to see. It was 37 degrees in the shade which made for a challenging morning but we had an enthusiastic tour guide so we learnt a lot! It was a 2 hour trip there & back by coach, we had the company of a lovely 23 year old studying history from Texas who made our day, hi Kevin! Poor love, didn’t know what had hit him!!

From Chichen Itza we headed to a Mexican sink hole called a Cenote, again, so much to explain about the geography of Mexico & how these sinkholes are formed, but that’s for another day & another blog!

Needless to say the Cenote was a highlight of the day, we won’t have any photos that do it any justice at all. Swimming in the crystal clear water of the Cenote the sky peeping through the ferns & foliage growing from the sides miles & miles above you was something I don’t think I’ll ever forget doing with my friends. I should also mention that Mel & Liz jumped from the platform into the water showing up the group of 20-something (did I mention incredibly good looking??!!) Italian boys in doing so, top job girlies!!! Fantastico!

Our next day trip was snorkelling off the Caribe coastline, Puerto Morelos. The water was crystal clear & the fish & coral beautiful. We spent the day on the beach, getting massages, drinking margaritas & soaking up the sun (some of us more than others!!).

We’ve also spent up at the local market (naturally!), rugs, bags, painted ceramics, we have a wealth of Mexican handicraft between us!!

Today is our last day in Mexico we fly out to San Francisco tomorrow morning. We plan to visit a neighbouring town today to escape the party atmosphere of our hotel, god only knows what it would be like here during Spring Break!

Our hotel is all inclusive which means all your food & drink is paid for. That makes it easy & cheap, but obviously a little too easy for some! The hotel is full of Europeans & British & we spent a funny day by the pool people watching.

So off to Playa del Carmen for some traditional Mexican architecture, food & shopping. More than likely more relaxing on the beach, excellente!


Plane from NY to Cancun


Surely these lovely ladies aren’t 40!!???


Our hotel, Jersey Shore meets the O.C.

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