Low Key Chow House – Restaurant Review

February 19, 2015

Being a fan of Asian cuisine I’ve been waiting for an excuse to visit Low Key Chow House on Oxford Street in Leederville since it opened last year.  Finally my chance came with our monthly WAGS dinner!  Leederville has long been one of my favourite Perth destinations for eating & drinking & I think LKCH is a welcome addition to the already bountiful choices on offer here.

We had a large group of 10 & were seated at a round table near the kitchen.  Now, us ladies love a round table for our dinner catch up as there’s always a ton of chatting to be done!  So well done LKCH on the round table, so much easier for conversation, there should be more of them!  It’s an open kitchen at LKCH so there’s a degree of entertainment watching the food being prepared from your table.

We decided to order the “Food Odyssey” for $55pp, a twist on the banquet idea, which suited us just fine, no lengthy pourings over the menu arguing over choices, simply leave it in the hands of the chef!  Our MSG free friend was also handled perfectly & catered to accordingly.  The staff were always attentive & helpful.

The Food Odyssey certainly lived up to it’s name with a wide range of dishes on offer & plenty of it!  We had to slow down to leave room for dessert.  I won’t deny there were dishes that some or all of us didn’t love, but I think that’s to be expected with the cuisine.  The majority of the dishes were full of flavour, fresh & gorgeously presented.

Some of our favourites included the Mantou Buns (candied caramel pork belly, crushed peanuts, steam buns), Pok Pok Wings (spicy Asian inspired buffalo sticky wings) & the Ice-cream, the best twist on fried icecream you’ve ever tried!

I would definitely return to LKCH.  It’s casual, relaxed feel & trendy decor would appeal to friends catching up, families & couples.  I’m already thinking about what I’d order next time……

Low Key Chow House
140 Oxford Street, Leederville
9443 9303Have you been?  Did you rate it?  Any other faves in Leederville you’d like to share?

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