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To Surprise or to be Surprised!?

August 26, 2014

I turned 40 yesterday.  No surprise there – just the way I like it!  I hate surprises in fact.  It’s the little control freak in me, paranoia, the stress, the introvert.

All negative elements.  There are more positive reasons I don’t like surprises.  I am a planner, I love routine, I like to be prepared.

I like to know the conditions of the environment I will be attending, will I be standing for long periods of time & therefore shouldn’t wear heels?  Will it be cold & I will end up shivering without long sleeves?  Will there be dancing, sitting, walking long distances?  Not silly questions in my book, just being prepared!

Will there be people I don’t know there that I will need to prepare small talk for beforehand so I don’t end up looking like the mute in the corner who forgot her jacket!

Eat before hand?  Or will they be serving food there – I wouldn’t want to end up hungry, I’ll drink too much & be the messy chick on the dance floor that everyone posts photos of on Facebook.

Will people expect me to open my gift at the event, & if so, how should I react?  Will they be disappointed if I don’t open it?  What if it’s an embarrassing gift?  (Don’t ask me what an embarrassing gift would be, I’m trying not to even imagine it!).

I plan for everyday life, lists, lists & more lists.  Social engagements, meal plans, shopping lists, bills to pay, things to do…..  it’s endless!!  The more organised I am, the more unlikely it is that I will be unprepared & surprised!  Maybe I should be a scout leader….

Call me crazy, but I don’t think any of these things are unreasonable.  I wonder though, would I have a problem surprising someone else???

I appreciate of course, that there is an element of surprise in life every day, & things would probably get pretty boring without them… well, maybe just a little bit!

Are you a planner, or do you just go with the flow? Do you have a tip to keep organised without being a stress head?  Have you ever been the recipient of a wonderful or an awful surprise!?

I did manage to get some very un-embarrassing gifts too!  Here are some pics!


A very fine Game of Thrones-ish bottle of bubbles, anyone know where I can find Jon Snow???

Aw, candles from my loves.

A very beautiful tea set from my family

Pineapples – I can’t get enough of them!

A voucher I just cannot wait to spend!!

A girl cannot have enough flowers, these fill the whole house with the most beautiful scent!

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