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10 Gluten & Dairy Free Recipes That Are Actually YUMMY!

February 21, 2017

Yummy Snacks for Kids

My daughter is currently trialling a Gluten & Dairy free diet in the hope that it will help with her Dermatitis.  We have already seen a difference in her skin after only a couple of weeks so we are eager to push on with it.

The hardest part I find with this sort of elimination diet is finding SNACKS that Oaks will give the tick of approval to.  Meal times aren’t so hard, but finding substitutes for the muesli bars, doughnuts, toasted sandwiches & cereals that she likes to snack on, particularly after school is a full time job!

I thought I might like to share with you the Gluten & Dairy free snack recipes that we’ve tried & tested & given the big thumbs up to!  I’ve found that if I don’t look so much for “snacks” rather than just good old food it makes it easier to provide the sustenance & yumminess that she’s craving away from meal times.

Sometimes a recipe can be adjusted just a little to make it fit your brief as well, like the Tortilla Soup I’ve listed here – it’s easy to eliminate the sour cream or cheese in a recipe like this without affecting the taste!

So here goes – our (current) Top 10 Gluten & Dairy Free Recipes for Kids that are actually yummy!


Gluten Dairy free for kids1. Speedy Fried Rice

Gluten Dairy Free for Kids

2. Paleo Popcorn Chicken

Gluten Dairy Free for Kids

3. Nude Pork Dumplings

Gluten Dairy Free for Kids

4. Chocolate Coconut Cakes

Gluten Dairy Free for Kids

5. Banana, Coconut & Blueberry Muffins

Gluten Dairy Free for Kids

6. Corn Fritters

Gluten Dairy Free Recipes for Kids

7. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Gluten Dairy Free Snacks for Kids

8. Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

Gluten Dairy Free For Kids

9. Apple Pancakes

Gluten Dairy Free for Kids

10. Raspberry Bliss Balls

Have you had any luck with yummy Gluten or Dairy (or both!) Free recipes?  I’d love to hear from you! xx
















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