Friday Forecast – Slow Down!

June 1, 2018

To Do List

It’s Friday.  Phew.

I feel like I have a constant brain explosion at the moment.

There is literally so much going on in there I exhaust myself.

The cat has fleas.  The cat always has fleas, I need to do something about the fleas.

I need to re-join the gym – should I sign up for another year – dear God – I’m going to be 44 next year!  Wait, I can’t even think about next week let alone next year!

I want to start my own business, but what can I do creatively that won’t break the bank? If I start my own business I won’t have time to do all the school stuff with the kids that I love, like excursions & helping out in class & going to the sports carnivals.  And if I put all my savings into starting a business I won’t have any money (or time!) left to go on the family holiday to the UK next year that we’ve been planning.

There’s a big sale on at one of my fave boutiques today.  But that would mean spending money on clothes that I don’t really need & I’m trying to be more sustainable with my fashion.  And then less money for potential business and/or family holiday to the UK.

My house is always a mess, if I went back to work I would need to get a cleaner.  I need to go to the supermarket to get flea bomb, but need to vacuum before I bomb.  I better get something for dinner tonight that my 7 year old will refuse to eat.  He can just have baked beans on toast again.  Is it wrong to just let him live on baked beans if it keeps my sanity at meal time?

I could just blog harder & that could be my job.  But there’s so much more involved than just writing with blogging!  So time consuming & potentially no financial reward.  That’s why I’m loving doing behind the scenes work for other bloggers.  I do love the anonymity & flexibility it provides.  And I don’t get bored working from home…

Molescan.  And a Pap Smear.  Hairdresser, Natropath & the Dentist.  All of them need doing…..

I spend way too much time on Instagram wishing I’d taken that photo, thought of that idea.  Why can’t I take brilliant photos?  Why don’t I take a photography class?

Phew.  Like I said, it’s exhausting!

Luckily, I have a whole pile of awesome people in my life who I bounce these things back & forward with & get them outside of my head.

You might’ve seen I went away with my WAGS last weekend.  It was awesome to switch off my brain & just hang with the girls. Here we are with Meghan & Harry 😉

Royal Wedding Party

We stayed in gorgeous accommodation called Casa Feliz in Old Dunsborough in WA’s South West – a beautiful Spanish style home that sleeps up to 11.  We ate (lunch at the beautiful Amelia Park Lodge then cocktails at the Tavern!), drank, watched the Royal Wedding, did a bit of the Cape to Cape walk & generally had a lovely time – if only we’d had a few more days!

Busselton things to do

Dunsborough Things to do

Busselton Restaurant


So, how’s your Friday?  Are you brain fried like me?  Give me all your coping mechanisms when you feel like you’re in over drive!

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