For the Love of Magazines

May 31, 2016

80s Magazines

As a kid I loved writing.  I loved words.  I loved stories.  I was enthralled with the idea that someone had created this story that I had become so lost in, that I loved so much.  I loved text.

I grew up in a house of readers.  Both my parents were big readers & I’m sure watching them read encouraged my want to read too.  Bedtime stories were mandatory & I had favourite books that I’d drive my parents mad reading over & over again.

One of my earliest memories is of my Mum & her best friend & her son & I going to the city library, the two mothers chatting quietly while J & I made our way through the boxes & shelves of picture books.

My Dad was a journalist, so newspapers, what seemed like dozens of them, the morning, the afternoon, the weekend, were always in piles around the house.  There was always a paper to be read.  And not just the headlines.  My Dad introduced me to the comics which he loved & my brother & I quickly did too.

As I grew older I discovered magazines.  Firstly my Mum’s piles of old Cosmos & Women’s Weeklys.  Boy did I learn some stuff there!  But I learnt that I not only loved the words in magazines, I loved how the words were displayed.  The visual.  How the text was manipulated & made beautiful.  How they matched the accompanying story & picture.

I learnt that I loved styling.  The recipes, the houses, the fashion.  How it all came together was breathtaking to me.  I was hooked!

I can still remember the day my Mum bought me my first Dolly Magazine.  I must have been about 11 or twelve.  How I loved these magazines.  I devoured them.  I arrived at the Newsagent on the day the next month’s issue was available.  I’d be there snapping up my copy & heading home to read it cover to cover & then multiple times again.

Way back then, Dolly was the only magazine aimed at my demographic in Australia.  As soon as I was earning my own money I saved up all those babysitting pennies & started buying imported magazines, like Young Modern & Seventeen.  Oh how I loved these magazines.  I can still smell those American pages, the paper even seemed different to ours.

Imported magazines meant I was at least a season or two ahead of Australia.  The fashion trends, the TV & movie stars.  This made these mags even more amazing to me!

I moved on from Dolly to Cosmopolitan then from In Style to Madison.  For a time it was wedding mags, then all things baby!   These days I’m more likely to be found scouring the pages of Real Living & Better Homes & Gardens or The Collective if I’m feeling like a read.

But the thrill is still there for me.

And I think, for some part why I blog is because it’s my chance to create my own little magazine, just like I did when I was a kid, writing stories, cutting & pasting pics from magazines & creating fonts from my Lettering Book in a scrapbook.

Today’s technology allows me to create my own space online.  My own Title, stories & pictures.  My own editing & curating.  Even my own styling!  I’m finally living my dream of being a Magazine Editor!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it!



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