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Flowers for You!

November 29, 2016

When You Need Flowers

Today I’m sending you all a virtual bunch of flowers – make sure I sent you your favourite!  Put them somewhere you can see them all day long!

We all deserve flowers.  I buy my own because they make me happy & because no-one else buys them for me! (insert sob!)

I’m sending you flowers today because this week I was reminded of how much they mean to receive.  The thought I mean, the thought behind the giving of the flowers.

This week I had a friend having surgery.  I thought it would be nice to send her some flowers & let her know, as a group of friends that we were thinking of her & sending her our love.

In the meantime, by doing that I upset a friend, who had been included in the group to contribute to the flowers, who felt overlooked that we had not as a group sent her flowers after her recent surgery.

I felt totally bad for this oversight & immediately sent her a bunch to say sorry.

Flowers.  So simple but can fix so many ails & mean so much.

I then thought about all the other times I had failed to send flowers – to friends who had been ill, upset or to be congratulated!

So, here they are!!  Flowers for all of you!!  I send you SOO SOOO SOOO much love!!  Let’s say they are a big thank you because you’re here with me – thank you for reading my blog & sharing my journey.

Tell me, have you been through something awful lately, or something fantastic?  Did you receive flowers – did you wish you did?  Let me know in the comments, then we can all give you a big virtual hug & more virtual flowers xx



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