Final Four Frocks – Episode 14 The Bachelor Australia 2016

September 9, 2016

The Bachelor Australia Dress

Final four!!  And I think it’s no surprise who went home tonight, our token brunette, Rachael.  Rachael was never my favourite, but she was sassy & smart, & who wasn’t impressed with that backflip off the side of the boat???!!

I could only find Alex’s dress on the designer’s webpages.  Remembering how long ago the series was filmed, often the frocks featured are sold out or last season by the time they go to air.  If you are interested in any of these dresses, I’d advise you to contact the designer through their websites & the links I’ve provided.

Last night’s final four has two standout great dresses & two not so great at the Rose Ceremony.  I’m interested to see if you agree with me?

Number 1 – Nikki

Ah, classic Nikki.  A dress with edge & sophistication.  And that hair!  Think I’ll be taking a pic of Nikki with me to my next hairdresser appointment & asking for Nikki’s shade of blonde!


The Bachelor Australia Nikki by Forty Up

Dress – Jennifer Regan

Earrings – Fiel Sol

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Number 2 – Olena

Lovely to see Olena in some colour.  This dress is super pretty & is softer than the sometimes severe looks Olena favours at Rose Ceremonies.  Her hair looks great too.

Olena the bachelor australia

Dress – Gemeli Power

Earrings – Salsuli

Cuff – Colette

Shoes – Steve Madden

Number 3 – Rachael

I don’t love this dress.  But Rachael is gorgeous & has a figure that would look great in just about anything.  The colour is great, it matches her eyes & her hair is lovely, but the whole look is just a bit mermaid-y for me.

Rachael the bachelor australia dress

Dress – George Wu

Earrings – Adorne

Ring – Swarovski

Shoes – Novo Shoes

Number 4 – Alex

Last night we had Alex channelling her inner bride & wearing something white with feathers.  Maybe the look was meant to be more angelic?  Either way, I don’t love this dress for this occasion, too costume-y, but in saying that it fits her like a glove.  And Alex just looked so sad tonight.  (Not in this particular photo though!)

Alex white feather dress The Bachelor Australia 2016

Dress – Jennifer Regan

Earrings & Bracelets – Colette

Shoes – Novo Shoes

So have you picked Richie’s Number 1?  For me it’s Team Nikki all the way – do you have fave?

Photo credits Ten.

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