Episode 11 – Rose Ceremony The Bachelor Australia 2016

September 1, 2016

Dresses The Bachelor

Spoiler alert!  Kiki went home!  My little J-Lo, hip hop, street style Kiki!  I will miss her flamboyant, edgy style.

On the other hand – ooo – look!  Sparkles!  So pretty!  These three ladies positively glow in their shiny frocks tonight, a nice little theme!  Who’s your fave out of these three?  Or did I miss someone you really loved?

Number 1 – Rachael

Ok, so Rachael hasn’t always been on my best dressed list, but she’s really picked up the pace of late!  She looks positively gorgeous in this old school Hollywood gown by George Wu.  Her styling is perfect for this dress – love the lack of accessories, it really puts all the emphasis on the dress.  I couldn’t find a direct link to Rachael’s gown on their website, but I did find Nikki’s – if you’d like to take a squiz it’s here.

Rachael Dress The Bachelor

Dress – George Wu

Earrings – Colette

Ring – Salsuli

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Number 2 – Kiki

Pure glamour, with an on trend, age appropriate Billy and Boo gown from Kiki tonight.  Did you see the back of this dress?  Amazing – & love that Kiki has turned the halter neck into a neckpiece, making the dress her own.  Apparently this dress fabric is so delicate it lets off glitter & can’t be washed!  Interesting!  I’m now wondering if we actually saw Kiki sit down in this dress!

Kiki gold dress the bachelor

Dress – Billy and Boo

Earrings – Salsuli

Ring – Samantha Wills

Shoes – Windsor Smith

Number 3 – Steph

Something a bit different for Steph this week, straying away from the classic gowns she usually wears.  Really nice to see her in this asymmetrical Axil dress from Billy and Boo, adding a little bit of sparkle & playfulness to The Bachelorettes tonight!  This dress is only $100!

Steph the bachelor

Dress – Billy and Boo

Earrings – Salsuli

Ring – Samantha Wills

Shoes – Steve Madden


Thanks to Ten for the images.



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