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How to Make a No Sew Dinosaur Costume

September 2, 2014

Easy DIY costume for kids

There are plenty of great Mums that are extremely crafty.  And arty.  And really great cooks/cake makers/cross stitchers, you name it.

I am not one of these Mums.  Unfortunately.

Unfortunately especially when your 7 year old daughter brings home a note from her teacher advising that parents will need to provide a dinosaur costume for the class assembly in two weeks.  Your 7 year old’s world acting premiere.  Not much pressure there.

None the less, I am not one to shy away from a challenge that gives me enough time to recreate the project as many times as necessary to get it right in 2 weeks!

So, to Pinterest I go!  I also bounce a few ideas off a couple of other school mums, albeit one being a primary school teacher & one an artist….again, feeling the pressure.

But, I’ve got a great idea that looks manageable, so off to Spotlight I go!

I’m going to walk you through the process step by step, just in case you need to whip up a dinosaur costume any time soon.  This one is so easy you need nothing but a hot glue gun (again, Spotlight if you don’t have one already!).

First thing you’ll need is a hoodie.  Typically, we didn’t have one that was suitable for possible mass destruction.  I did have trouble finding one this time of year (it’s Summer), but picked up this aqua girl’s hoodie in KMart for $10.

Step 1:

I drew one diamond shape on to the coloured felt, Oaks chose the colours, so her Dinosaur spikes are very colourful!  I then used the first scale as the template for the rest.  Start cutting! Note very un-fabric cutting scissors used! 😉


Step 2:

I placed all my spikes close together so they were touching, you could leave a gap between them if you wanted.  I then grabbed my newly purchased hot glue gun from Spotlight & drew a line with the glue down the middle of each spike.  I found it easier to fold the scales in half first so I had a bit of a visual line for the glue to go down.  I just guessed the middle of the hoodie!  If you were the sewing type & actually own a sewing machine, I imagine you could just sew a line down the middle of your spikes instead of the glue.


Step 3:

Once your glue is dry on the spikes, you can fold them in half & glue the two sides of the spikes together.  Again, you could sew these if you’d prefer, but the glue works just fine.  You can see the little gaps that happened at the base of the spikes Where I didn’t put the glue close enough to the edges, I just went back & filled these with a dot more hot glue.


Step 4:

Voila!  Leave to dry.  At this point I got Oaks to try it on to make sure everything was in place & that it din’t feel awkward to wear.  Ha ha, little did she know she’d be wearing it no matter how crappy it felt to wear now!!



So, there you go, I was pretty happy with that finished product. 

Then my artist mate sends through a photo of her almost identical dinosaur hoodie, hers had eyes & teeth!!  So back to Spotlight for some white felt & my own personal touch, googly eyes!  My mate’s dino hoodie had white & black felt eyes, with very gorgeous felt eyelashes – you could do whatever you like with the eyes, maybe even eyebrows to give some expression.

Step 5:

Cut out a template for the teeth, remembering that you’ll need room at the top of the tooth triangle to glue under the edge of the hoodie & you don’t want the teeth to be so big that they fall down onto the human inside’s face (or maybe you do!).  It was quite tricky to lay the hood flat & glue the teeth so you might want to do a couple at a time as they dry.  Then I cut out white ovals for the eyeballs & glued the googly eyes on.  I must admit that I was getting low on glue at this stage so they were stuck on a little slap dash!!



I’m proud to report that Year 1, Room 9, nailed their Assembly item today.  Their recited Dinosaur poem was performed with gusto & heart.  They each had a turn speaking into the microphone hosting the Assembly & they all did wonderfully.  Especially Oaks who was feigning illness this morning so she would miss the whole thing she was so nervous!  She spoke clearly & slowly, just like her Mumma told her!  (All in practice for that one day Oscar acceptance speech, or perhaps her winning Election speech as PM?  Either way, I’m not fussy!)

Are you a domestic goddess or have you had a really good try at it??  Post me some pics of your best (or worst!) efforts, I’d love to see them.  Has your little one had their acting debut yet – how did it go?

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