Dear Mr Robbie Williams

September 18, 2014


Dear Robbie,

I was super excited to see you last week at your sold out Thursday night show at the Perth Arena.

I’ve been a fan for a REALLY long time.  You were always my favourite in Take That – broody bad boy that you were!

I’ve loved all the anthems since then, Angels, Rock DJ & you even did a duet with my almost favourite Australian of all time, a certain Ms Minogue! 

I missed the first show you did in Perth back in 2006, I had a ticket, but the hubby & I ended up backpacking for 3 months through Europe, so I didn’t get there – bugger – apparently it was an awesome gig!

Talking about my hubby, you share the same birth day – even the same year, you both turned 40 on the 13 February this year.  I wonder how you celebrated, hope nobody threw you a surprise party, horrible things that they are!  You have a little girl like me too, they both share a September birthday, things are starting to get a little coincidental aren’t they!?

But I think that that’s where the similarities might end my old friend.

I really loved the show, I might have even cried a little at the enormity of having you so close (Mr D, did get REALLY good tickets!!), it was a little surreal!

Good luck with the new bub & thanks for the memories, hope to see you again soon!

Shan x

P.S. – Have included what is undoubtedly your finest Take That moment on film!!!!

Have you ever written a fan letter?  Did you see Robbie on his Australian tour?  Do you agree he’s getting better with age?!  Or is Robbie not your thing at all, who does float your boat!?

Here are a few of my happy snaps from the night, sorry they’re not perfect!  Look how close I was!!  And how funny is the pic of Mr D getting up close & personal with a Robbie look alike!

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