Crazy for Khaki – The Parka You Need Now

April 18, 2015

A friend recently asked me if khaki was still in, she was thinking of investing in a parka & was worried about making the wrong colour choice.  Silly question!  Khaki is everywhere right now & not just in outerwear.  There are some gorgeous pants, skirts & tops out there that can take your khaki from easy day to glam night.

But if you are like me & find yourself sidelined at countless netball, hockey & tennis training & games, endless bike rides, dashes in & out of school, continual getting in & out of the car running errands, all usually in the wind, rain or possibly even hail, then a parka is probably a worthwhile purchase as a staple in your winter wardrobe.

I love a hood (chill factor!), even better if it’s detachable & I need enough length to cover my bum – those footy benches can get cold!!  Deep pockets to carry all the essentials, pull cords to cinch you in & keep out the wind.  I love the options here of a little faux fur or leather to vamp the look up a notch.

By no means will these parkas get you to the ball, perhaps a trench would suit more in that situation.  But when it comes to warmth, comfort & practicality I think you’ll find a khaki look you’ll love in the choices I’ve pictured, or one of the many more available to you out there online & in stores.

1. ASOS Festival Parka $98.00, 2. All About Eve Jagged Parka $159.95, 3. French Connection Fur Trim Parka $169.95, 4. Seed Heritage Splice Anorak $169.95, 5. Sussan Winter Parker $189.95, 6. Witchery Over Sized Anorak $199.95

Have you invested in a Parka or do you have an alternative?  What do you love or hate about it?  Does khaki make you cringe or can you make it work?

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