Why I Love My Kid’s School

February 1, 2017

Back to School

So it was back to school for my two today, Oaks is in her first year of senior school Primary – say what?  Year 4.  The D-Man is officially in big school in Year 1.  He has the same year 1 teacher that Oaks had so he was pretty chuffed.  He was mostly excited that he’d get to play out in the “big” playground this year rather than the fenced off PP area he’s had for the last 2 years.  That & the canteen, Lord help me!

Oaks is in a split class for the first time with Year 5s which she was a little nervous about but I think she’ll really enjoy.  She was sitting next to the new girl as I said goodbye which made me really proud, because, you know, being the new girl is hard & having someone like Oaks sitting next to you (Citizenship Award for her class last year peeps!) is a great start to your new school class.  If I don’t say so myself!

I was thinking about the first time I went to school with Oaks before she started Pre Primary.  We had been living down South in a little country town for her whole life.  She was born there & went to Kindy there.  In a small town there’s not that many kids so they all know each other from an early age, there’s not really any unfamiliarity which suited Oaks to a tee as she’s always been a shy little thing.

The year she was to start Pre Primary we decided to move back to Perth, for a whole multitude of reasons which I won’t go there today – but remind me, it might make another blog post!

So starting school with kids she didn’t know & on a much larger scale was particularly daunting to both her & I.  I was concerned that her small town upbringing mixed with her shyness would not be the most awesome combination to starting school in the city.

Before school started I headed with her down to the school to the Uniform shop to get her set up in her uniform.  When I got there, there were 4 women in front of me with their kids chatting amongst themselves, trying to keep the kids under control while negotiating hat & shirt sizes.

I stood behind them soaking it all in while Oaks stood at my side clinging to my jeans.  One of the women was French talking to her son in a mixture of French & English.  The next Japanese, her little boy a ball of energy.  The next was African, talking animatedly to the group.  And lastly, a mother & daughter as blonde haired & blue eyed as they come.  It was like the most beautiful of Benetton advertisements from my 80s Dolly Magazines!

The mixture of colours, accents & language was amazing & I was overwhelmed with the idea that Oaks & I would get to become part of this multicultural community.

I got talking to the Blonde-Haired-Blue-Eyed Mum & learnt that all these kids were going into Pre Primary with Oaks!  The whole year group was having a catch up in the park later that week & we should come along!

All my fears of not fitting in were quickly allayed.  No matter our differences, we were going to fit in just fine!

I’ve gone on to be friends with all of these ladies & many more.  And Oaks took no time at all to find her own posse.

Our school is made up of many diverse cultures & I think my kids will be the better for it.  I’m very proud of our school community, the friends I’ve made there make my life all the more interesting & it’s one of my fave times of the day catching up with them in the school yard.  The cultural differences in our kids are embraced & encouraged.  The parents are always happy to introduce all the kids to different ideas & traditions & in turn I believe our kids will be more open to accepting “differences” in the people around them.

So I’m excited to pick the kids up this arvo & hear all about their day.  And catch up with all my friends to hear about their adventures over the school holidays & what they got up to.

What about you?  What did you get up to over the school holidays? 


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