When It’s Good Enough for Tash Sefton…

April 5, 2016

Sussan Clothing

It’s no secret I love Tash Sefton.  Tash is my Number 1 style inspiration & I stalk her Instagram account like a woman possessed for a glimpse into what’s hot with her right now!

What I love most about Tash’s signature style is her ability to mix high end designer pieces with your everyday High Street fashion.

And although I can’t afford those designer pieces, I can usually use it as inspiration to find a piece I can afford or one that’s pretty close to the original.

I am in heaven however when Tash incorporates that High Street fashion into her latest look.  Bam!  I can run out to my local store or online & pick it up that day!

Imagine my delight when this Sussan Camel Coat ($300) turns up on Tash’s Instagram account this week!

It’s no secret that Sussan has had a bit of a makeover lately.  It’s an Australian retail store over 70 years old with more than 180 retails outlets & it’s keen to steer away from “the store your Mum shops in” stigma & focus more on a brand encompassing ALL Australian women.

With a proudly Australian team employing nearly 1500 women, the Sussan design team offers a collection of on trend pieces in realistic cuts for a range of body types.  They aim to offer affordable fashion solutions & inspiration for the everyday Australian woman.

While I was in Sussan ogling the Camel Coat, I found a few other pieces that are lovely – I’ll show you my top 5 below.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been into your local Sussan store for a while, I’d recommend you pop in & have a look – I think you will be pleasantly surprised – oh, & take your Mum along too!

Australian Fashion

Khaki Leather Skirt by Sussan, $250

Australian Fashion

Grey Cold Shoulder Knit by Sussan $100

Australian Fashion

Stripe Tie Neck Dress by Sussan $130

Australian Fashion

Black Lace Shirt by Sussan $150

Australian Fashion

Pattern Long Line Cardigan by Sussan $150

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