Blog Like There’s Nobody Reading – June Challenge

June 10, 2015

So, the challenge has been set.  And really, the topic shouldn’t be so hard, I doubt that there’s many people actually reading my blog anyway.  But that said, I do usually write posts that I hope other people will enjoy.  So here goes, my blog like there’s nobody reading, just for me.I have decided to write about Blogging & why I do it for this challenge.  Mainly because it is a question I get asked a lot & I never really have a clear answer for it.  I have decided that I’ll nut it out here & now, for myself, regardless if anyone reads it or not!So, blogging.  Forty Up started for me just over a year ago.  My friends & I were planning a massive trip to the U.S.A. to celebrate our 40th birthdays & I put my hand up to create a little blog where I could keep a travel diary for our friends & family to see where we were & what we were up to.~ I put my hand up because I was just getting into reading blogs for fun, big ones like Styling You, Baby MacThe Beetle Shack & I enjoyed their content.

~ I put my hand up because I love taking photos.

~ I put my hand up because I love to write.

~ I put my hand up because I liked the idea of creating something special.

Now, as I have written that I have stopped & sat back.  Those four points are why I blog.  Why I started & in reality, why I still do it.  There shouldn’t be anymore to say, but there is.

With the holiday over, why did I continue to blog when I no longer had the travel material to keep me going?  Well, quite simply, it became my hobby.  I won’t deny I watched those big bloggers get free goodies, travel discounts & brand exclusives, & I liked that idea for myself.  But in reality, I was a stay at home Mum, with two small children & not a lot of time, money or energy for myself.  I can so clearly remember an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for a long time asking me, quite innocently in his non-parent manner, but what do YOU do, for yourself?  And at the time, I had to quite honestly answer, nothing.  He was dumbstruck.  And so was I.

So, blogging is my hobby, yes it is.  When I have some downtime I love to create subjects, write copy, take photos, make collages.  I love to edit my Facebook & Instagram feeds to provide posts & images that I think fit my Forty Up brand.  I love the idea of making people happy & have a laugh & a smile.

My next question to myself then is, why, when my friends, for example, introduce me to someone & tell them that I have a blog, do I wave my hands in front of my face saying, no, no, it’s nothing!

Maybe because blogging also makes me a little bit braver, prettier & trendier than I really am.  I can be a little bit more of the person I’d like to be from behind my keyboard.  I am terribly shy.  I can’t keep up with how many times I’ve kicked myself because I didn’t ask someone if I could take their photo, ask their name, approach them to be interviewed.  Things my blog has missed out on because I’m too frightened.

In summary, I have learnt one big thing from writing this post.  I blog for me, because I enjoy it & not for any other reason.  Thank you Mystery Case for initiating this post.  If you have indeed read this, I’d love to hear your thoughts on blogging, whether you blog yourself or you read blogs.


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