Bib & Tucker

October 30, 2014


I’ve been wanting to try Bib & Tucker on the redeveloped Leighton Beach for some time now.  A bit of a celebrity factor, co owners Eamon Sullivan, Jamie Dwyer & Steve Hooker have aimed to make a quintessentially Perth dining establishment.

Unfortunately I’ve heard mixed reviews.  Finally, time to see for myself!  Mr D & I were headed down to Fremantle to pick up our trailer (uninteresting story) so decided we’d squeeze in a bit of lunch, the sun was shining, why not?

Straight up, Bib & Tucker’s location is first rate.  It’s such a shame that Perth does not have more restaurants front & centre on the coast like this, our beaches are amongst the best in the world!  This is truly beach front.  Loved it.

I loved my meal, the Dirty Sanchez pizza which was hot & spicy & the dough was beautiful.  Mr D opted for a very healthy Chicken Tostada, which I thought was really just a quinoa salad.  We’re out for lunch, why!!??  Nice, but my dish was the winner!  We flagged the booze this lunch & I had a gorgeous fresh watermelon juice & Mr D’s Banana & Nutella milkshake was pretty sensational.

Our service was great, the wait staff are all gorgeous hipster types, very helpful & friendly.

All up, a lovely lunch, Bib & Tucker, you will be seeing me again!

Have you been to Bib & Tucker?  What’s your take on it?  If not, what’s your favourite beach side diner?

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