Beauty & Hair Packing Essentials: Travel Tips

December 27, 2014

A potentially really uninteresting read I know, but I’ve travelled a lot & I’m getting to a point where I think I do a pretty good job of minimalizing what I pack in terms of beauty, hair & toiletry packing.

Clothes is a whole another story, one which is never quite as successful!!

As I am off to Japan for three weeks this week, I thought I’d share with you my packing knowledge.

I am going to break it down into 3 Steps.

The Carry On, The Toiletry Bag & The Make Up Bag.

I appreciate that we all  have different needs & wants, so nothing is an absolute must on this list, just my opinion.

So let’s start with The Carry On.  These are the items you will take with you onto the plane in your carry on luggage.  There are obviously rules that need to be adhered to in this situation, the greatest being that they must fit into a plastic sandwich bag & be under 100ml.  You can find out all that important information here.  Take them seriously peeps, the last thing you want as you embark on the holiday of a lifetime is for those lovely Custom officials to take all your wrongly sized products away from you & throw them in the bin!!

This is my standard Carry On.

1.  These face wipes are gentle enough to remove your make up but standard old baby wipes will do.

2.  A moisturiser that you can use on your face & hands is a great idea, especially as a plane is so drying on your skin.  This is one I got from a hotel once (I do love a hotel product!) but you can probably get your fave supermarket brand in a little 100ml.

3.  This Body Shop Face Mist is lovely.  I’m not sure it really has any benefit but it will freshen you up & possible wake you up!

4.  Nurofen, naturally, I have travelled with people who carry much stronger stuff but anything along these lines should do the job should the need arise.

5.  Toothbrush & toothpaste, especially if I have a stop over, there’s time to kill, may as well brush your freshen up in the airport!

6.  Rescue pastilles, natural stress relief, I’m not sure they do anything, but I need all the help I can get!

7.  Lip Balm

If you travel with a Make Up Bag in your carry on you will need to be able to put this all together.  Everything must be under 100ml & all fit into a 15×25 plastic bag.

If you end up with it all not fitting into one bag, you could always hit up your travel buddy to take your extra bag if they don’t have one.  (You didn’t hear that from me, no taking anything you didn’t pack yourself peeps!)


The Toiletry Bag.  The items you really need on a day to day basis.  You can lash out here & pack whatever size you like, it’s since it’s going in your checked in baggage, but I tend to keep the philosophy of, the less you pack, the more you can bring home!  So travel size, or at the very least, a smaller size than the bottle of conditioner you currently have sitting on your shower floor!

1. Razor, unless you’re backpacking over winter in which case you might not care about the general state of your fuzz!

2.  Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Night Cream & Cotton Pads– I use Decleor products, the serum is small enough to pack it as it comes, but I transfer the other items into travel containers, I picked up this set from The Reject Shop for about $3.  In fact, grab a couple of sets!

3.  Moisturiser, my daughter & I have extremely dry skin no matter the weather conditions & I swear by this Renew by Melaleuca.  Perfect for all skin types, sun burn, wind burn & everything in between.

4.  Deodorant, naturally!

5.  I bought this shampoo & conditioner a while ago simply for their size & now I empty my products into them.  The same with the bottle marked Hair Treatment, it’s got my L’Oreal Iron Finish product in it, I just don’t have to lug around the whole container from home.

6.  A brush or comb of course.

7.  Your favourite hair equipment, mine is this Vidal Sassoon ceramic curler.  I do have a little hair dryer too, but I find most places you’ll stay can lend you one if you’re not too fussy with what you use!!

9.  Hair lackies & clips, a collection, you never know how you’ll need to style your hair!

10.  A nail file, you never know!  Nail scissors are also great to pack, it’s amazing how many times you need scissors while you’re travelling – just remember not to include the scissors or a nail file like this in your carry on luggage – a cardboard emery board with rounded ends is ok.

There’s always extras.  Any medication you may need, band aids, girlie sanitary products are helpful!  Depending on where you’re going will determine some extras, like sunscreen, insect repellent & a PawPaw type cream for everything in between if you’re heading to the tropics!  But travelling light is the key here!

The Make Up Bag.  I am not a massive make up girl, so my make up packing is really light on.  The bits & pieces I carry, let me dress it up if I need to (very infrequently in my case!) & also be prepared on a day to day level.

1.  Napoleon Bronze Patrol & Brush – works as an eye shadow, blush, foundation, it’s a winner!

2.  Napoleon Off Duty Tinted Moisturiser, my everyday foundation, you could take your equivalent or BB Cream.

3.  Napoleon Lip Lacquer, over your lippy or on it’s own, it’s beautiful.

4.  Napoleon Brow Liner, pencil in your eyebrows & you always look like you have more make on than you actually do!

5.  Napoleon Mascara, always waterproof in my bag!

6.  Rimmel Glam Eyes in Backstage – a simple colour like this works in all situations.

7.  Napoleon Mattetastic Lipstick in Marlene is a great winter shade, or I’m loving L’Oreal in Tangerine Sonate if you’re heading somewhere sunny!

8.  Rosabotanica by Balenciaga perfume, stock up on some little travel sized scents in the duty free before you go if you don’t have anything this small at home, why not!?

And that’s it!

I did hear some advice, as long as your make up is under the 100ml cut off you should carry it in your hand luggage just in case your checked in baggage goes missing!  No rushing off to buy new stuff in a foreign city on your holiday!  It also means you could do a quick touch up before landing if you’re meeting someone special on the other side!!


So there you have my ideas of how to successfully minimise your Make Up, Toiletry & Carry On bits & pieces!  Hope it helps, I’d love to hear what your must have’s are for your beauty routine while travelling!

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