Bang or Bucks – Shopping for Fashion with a Budget – June Edition

June 26, 2018

Fashion on a budget

Well, here we are again with Bang or Bucks, the monthly segment that asks 3 fashion bloggers what they’d spend their hypothetical monthly clothing budget on!

Beth from Almost Posh has $150, Stacey from Stace McGregs has $300 & I have a whole $600 to spend!

This month we’re making our money work hard for us with wardrobe Basics.  Basics are items in your wardrobe that you can ultimately build more statement pieces around. We’re talking block colour, stripes, denim & classic cuts.  You could call this your capsule wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at where our money was spent for the month of June.

Almost Posh




This month, we are all about being basic on Bang or Bucks, and if it’s one thing I know about, it’s being basic.

With my hypothetical one hundred and fifty Australian dollars, I set out to see what outfit building blocks I could grab for my cash.

Basics for Less

Jersey Smart Skinny Pants $36, 3/4 Sleeve Shirt in Stretch Cotton $36, Mix & Match Tailored Blazer $76 – all from ASOS

Black pants are the ultimate wardrobe basic and once you find a good pair, you will worship them for life. These ASOS babies are everything I love in a pant; cropped (which means full length on me), stretch waist, jersey, skinny cut, POCKETS and a mere $36. I rest my case. I also may have added to bag.

Another classic basic, the white shirt. This one is stretch cotton, has three-quarter sleeves which I ADORE and no weirdly placed front pockets, tacky embellishments or wack collars. It’s also $36.

Keep your look sharp with this tailored blazer. It’s also by ASOS Design, like the pants, so I would be hopeful the blacks matched (which is critical for someone like me). A little more exxy at a full $76 but a classic black blazer is worth an investment and it’s still cheap, tbh. I like the bum-covering length of this one.

That leaves $2 to buy a scratchie and hopefully win enough for a killer pair of shoes.

Pants $36 + Shirt $36 + Blazer $76 = $148

Stacey McGregor Blogger

I love basics. They are the foundations to our wardrobe, the fashion canvas for us to paint with style and accessories.

So baby, let’s get back to basics:

The little black dress, need I say more? Ok I shall, transeasonal? Flattering Hi-lo hemline, and bamboo fabrics feels delicious on… just be mindful of rogue pandas. You’ve been warned.

Navy is the new black, this 3/4 Top is made for layering, or wear alone.

Classic stripe dress is a wardrobe staple basic, this Anouk dress is from my good friend Jenni of Styling Curvy X Adrift Clothing Lifestyle Basics collection. This dress comes in standard and plus sizes.

And finally, the work horse of my wardrobe basics, the classic denim jacket.

There you have it, I’ve blown the budget by $4.80, but I’m happy with my gorgeous basics.

Dress $75 + Jacket $100 + Top $30 + Dress $100 = $305

Stacey Mcgregor Brisbane

Blue Bungalow Vera Black Bamboo Hi Lo Dress $75, Bird Keepers Denim Jacket $100, Blue Bungalow Milan 3/4 Sleeve Top $30Adrift Anouk Dress in Navy Stripe $100

Big Budget

This month I’m spending my hypothetical $600 on Basics.  Basics are totally my jam.  They are transitional, they work together as a capsule & are for the most part completely timeless & comfortable.  Basics are something everyone needs in their wardrobe to fill in the gaps & work hard for you!

My basics are a striped t-shirt dress.  Stripes are a must, navy is a must & a dress that you can dress up or down that is also comfortable is a must.  This one from Adrift ticks all the boxes.

Jeans are my basic. I love a skinny, I love a high rise waist & I love a ripped knee – thank you Glue Store these are perfect!

Tshirts – can’t have too many, one in each colour is the goal.  I’ve gone with Sportsgirl here – I will take a black, white & grey – three at $30 each.

A statement or graphic tee that I can dress up or down – love this one from ASOS.  Super cute.

Lastly my accessories – white SuperGA sneakers that will go with everything & there’s rarely a day I leave the house without sunglasses, so this cute tortoise shell pair complete my basics.

I’m pretty happy with this swag, a tidy $600 thank you very much!

Dress $100 + Jeans $130 + Statement Tee $90 + Classics Tees $90 + Sneakers $100 + Sunglasses $90 = $600

Luxe to Less Basics Online Australia

Adrift Roxy Dress in Stripe Navy $100, Glue Store ABrand High Skinny Jeans $130, ASOS Native Rose Festival TShirt $90, Sportsgirl Textured Tee $30, GlueStore Super GA White Sneakers $100

Who’s take on the Basics budget did you prefer this month – would you go Bang or Bucks with your Basics wardrobe edit?



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