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Bang or Bucks – Shopping for Fashion with a Budget – July Edition

August 7, 2018

Hello & welcome to another month of Bang or Bucks – where we ask 3 fashion bloggers with different set budgets what they would spend their cash on each month.

This month we’ve been given the theme “Extra”.  Taking an outfit to the next level & making it “extra”. That might be a whole lot of sequins (see Beth!), a designer piece you’ve lusting over for a lifetime (see Shan) or it might even be giving back to something important (see Stace)!

So without further ado, let’s see what our three stylish chicks have bagged themselves this month – starting with Beth from Almost Posh & her $150.


Almost Posh

Back in the day, I definitely would have been described as “extra” if we were using that term at the time.

Although my day-to-day swag now is usually quite restrained due to combining factors like age, effort and lack of occasion, I like to think I’m still a bit extra at heart. Many times have I come across items online that I would have snapped up in my early 20s, budget withstanding, and I have eyed off my 5 year old’s wardrobe emblazoned with flippy sequins, iridescent unicorns, glitter and gold foil with an envious eye.

Although mostly I am grateful to have got through my teens and early twenties without social media, living in the country I could have really used online shopping. Choice was limited to one Kmart and an overpriced surf shop in the nearest regional centre 40 minutes away or Adelaide, 2.5 hours away.

Here’s what I might have dropped my hypothetical 150 Australian dollars on in the glory days.

Fashion on a budget

This ASOS $70 sequinned tee dress would have been great for hitting up retro at The Planet on a Wednesday night:

Now you might think you would tone down any footwear with such a lairy dress but I say NO, LET’S GET EXTRA. I saw these ASOS ankle boots online ages ago and can’t get them out of my mind. At $48, it’s almost worth it just for looking at them because let’s face it, I’m going nowhere near a skinny heel like that at my age.

I have always been one for a novelty bag and still have many of them in my collection so imagine my delight when I came across this beauty THAT MATCHES THE SHOES, DID YOU EVER:

At $34 it does nudge me two bucks over my limit but MY GOD IT’S WORTH IT.

Seriously, what an epic outfit, I’m half tempted to splurge on it just for kicks!

Stacey McGregor Blogger

When the girls and I decided the theme would be Extra (ie; show pony!), the first words that popped into my mind was ‘Floating Potatoes’!  Might seem strange, but I’ll come back to that!

I’ve been reading about Dopamine Dressing lately, it’s essentially dressing yourself happy with bright colours and fun prints.

Which is exactly this Floating Potato print dress from Jericho Road!  It’s all I’m looking for – it’s show pony, extra and oh so Dope(amine). It sets me back $170.

Fashion for Farmers

Nothing says Show Pony like a pair of pink alloy boots. These are so glorious I honestly don’t know if I should wear them, display them or adorn them on my 2018 Christmas tree. Maybe even all three! These are $89.95 from Princess Polly.

My last $40.05 is being spent on hay bales. It’s not technically fashion, but being kind is always in fashion. $40 bought two hay bales for farmers doing it tough in rural Queensland*.

(*Even though this blog is always pretend money, I used real money to buy the hay, and if you have a cheeky $20 to spare, maybe you’d like to buy hay bale too.)

You can donate/buy a bale here:

And there you have my $300 spent for this month – very Extra in so many ways!

Big Budget

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt while shopping over the last few months with my imaginary $600, it’s that designer gear is VERY expensive! I would’ve thought that I could’ve bought pretty much anything I wanted to with $600 – but if you want designer gear – $600 doesn’t actually go very far!

So today with our “extra” theme I’ve decided to stick with accessories.  EXTRA isn’t part of my usual style, I’m quite low key & casual, so I figure accessories are a great way to incorporate some EXTRA into my style without wearing something I’m not totally comfortable in.

I’ve chosen a designer Marc Jacobs bag for $536.60 – this camera bag style is going to be a big trend & I love Marc Jacobs quirky style.  You can’t have enough bags am I right?

Then I’ve chosen some glittery sunglasses from ASOS for $36,  & some statement kitten feels for $60 also from ASOS – all very “extra”!

Marc Jacobs Camera Bag

There you go!  Three budgets & three ways to interpret “extra”! How would you bring some “extra” to your wardrobe?

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