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Bali with Kids – Where to Eat

June 22, 2016

Eating In Bali With Kids

Last school holidays we took a trip to Bali as a family.

Bali is the perfect destination for kids.  The weather is warm, even if it’s raining, which means they can swim, 24/7!  The locals love kids, they are patient with them & they are welcomed at restaurants & cafes with open arms.  There’s also bountiful cultural options, temples, rainforests & animals!  And if you live in Perth, like me, it’s only a 3.5 hour plane flight!

I’m going to share with you a few of the great places we ate this trip which we enjoyed while we stayed in Seminyak, a southern beach town, just North of Legion.  It’s my preferred place to stay in Bali, with an amazing range of upmarket restaurants, bars, boutiques & day spas.  We dabbled a little into Legian also & a trip to Canggu is a must!

Eating In

For part of our trip we stayed in a beautiful Villa with 2 other families.  The Villa had a comprehensive menu & we ate breakfast there every morning.  The kids would all be up earlier than us grown ups so the staff would get the kid’s breakfast prepared, they’d sit down & eat & the table would be reset & ready for us adults half an hour later!  Luxury!

The staff can provide individual or buffet meals.  The buffets suited us best – they gave us plenty of variety, there was always something the kids would like & it worked out cheaper cost per head.  Quite often we had leftovers that we or the staff heated up for lunch or a snack the following day!  There was also a wide variety of both Western & Indonesian food.

Eating at the Villa was convenient & simple, especially as we were a group of 11!

Bali Dining

Bali DIning

Where to Eat in Bali with Kids

Eating at your hotel is also a great idea.  We spent a few days before the Villa at Jayakarta Bali Hotel in Legian.  The kids loved the convenience of eating by the pool & I have to admit that when it’s hot & sweaty out on the street there’s no better place to be!

Jayakarta did a cheese burger The D-Man loved!  And the mandatory Bali soft drink – so many flavours of Fanta – it’s a kid’s dream come true & the ultimate bargaining tool!

There’s also a ton of restaurants & cafes that will do takeaway or even deliver to your hotel or villa.  If you find somewhere you love, ask them!

Bali with Kids



Zanzibar is a great spot beach front in Legian.  There is a row of beach front cafes & eateries along this strip, you’re bound to find something that suits, but we always end up at Zanzibar with the kids.  There is a kids menu, but my 2 never seem to choose from anything on it!  The D-Man is a salami pizza fanatic, & even though a plain Salami pizza wasn’t on the menu, they made one for him.  And mild salami can be a tricky thing to come across in Bali!

The food is fresh & reasonably priced, the staff will bring you over a fan if you get too hot & they love kids.  They have a great selection of both Indonesian & Western food too!

Pizza in Bali

Places to Eat in Bali with Kids


Mozzarella have a couple of locations, we had lunch at Mozarella by the sea, the Legion beach restaurant.  The food & service here is really, really good.  The decor is bright & beachy.  Don’t be fooled by how fancy it looks, they love kids.  And I’ve been assured by friends that all the locations are as good as each other.

Ice Cream

Whether you’re buying it on a stick from the guy on the beach, from a restaurant or the local mini mart, ice cream is a winner in Bali.  My kids love the kooky icey-poles you can get in Bali & there are some really posh, gourmet ice-cream & gelato companies doing the rounds if you look into it!

Bali With Kids

On the Beach

Typically we tend to eat at the beach for dinner, just because it’s cooler & the lights along the restaurants & cafes are gorgeous.  But the daytime can be just as nice, especially if you want to swim in the ocean.  The view is great & the kids will have a brilliant time playing in the sand & begging you for one of the pirate ship kites the sellers parade up & down the beach.

You only have to get to the beach & head in either direction to find places to eat in Seminyak & Legian.  We went out early evening this time, we walked down attempting to tire the kids out a little before finding a spot with enough bean bags to accommodate all of us!  The earlier you go, like any dining option, the quieter it will be.

Each restaurant seemed to have their own live music which made for some interesting entertainment, but it’s great having the space for the kids to run around & the food & drinks are cheap & cheerful.  My 2 gripes about the beach for dinner, it does get dark & the kids can be easy to lose if they love to run!  The hawkers are out in mass with a ton of flashing, firing, music playing toys that are irresistible to kids.  Be prepared to say no a lot, or give the kids a couple of dollars each & let them buy something & test out their bartering skills at the same time!  And the toilets.  The toilets can be pretty bad if you have a fussy toilet goer.  Or sometimes they’re that bad they don’t’ even need to be fussy to refuse to go!

Bali with Kids



A warung is a traditional Indonesian eatery & they are on just about every corner in Bali.  They generally serve only local food, but it’s always great & the cheapest eating option in Bali by far!  This trip we ate at Warung Padmasari on Jalang Padma in Legian (we had friends staying at The Padma).  The food was lovely, the kids filled up on Satay sticks & chicken noodle soup!  The grown ups devoured their Spicy Bali Chicken, Nasi Gorengs & Nasi Campurs – all washed down with Bintang & Radlers!  The service was great & very helpful.

Be sure to check out the warung closest to where you are staying or have a look on Trip Advisor if you’d like some recommendations.


Bali With Kids

Rama Garden

While we were away there was a great footy game on that we didn’t want to miss.  We were recommended to watch the game at Rama Garden Bar & Restaurant in Legian & it was a great option.  The big screen is way down the back of the restaurant with cinema style couch seating.  This meant the kids could bounce around at the back (& side lane of the bar to the hotel) without getting in anyone’s way or intruding too far into the bar itself.

The staff were really accommodating with the kids, they let us put all our drinks onto a tab, the food was great, family friendly atmosphere & most importantly of all for Mum (that’s me!), frozen daiquiris!

Rama Garden by Forty Up

Bali with Kids

Old Man’s

No trip to Bali is complete without a visit to the surf side village of Canggu.  Home of the surfer, it’s rice paddy fields, crashing surf & healthy food options galore – it’s full of interesting places to take the kids.  Old Man’s was our venue of choice with only one of us having been there before.  There’s heaps of room for the kids to move around, bean bag seating, table tennis, a view of the ocean & overlooking a crazy car park ideal for people watching!

The kids loved the ice cream on offer & one of our grown ups voted this Nasi Goreng the best they had this trip!  Heaps of food options & icey cold Bintangs overlooking the ocean make this an awesome place to spend an afternoon.

Canggu With Kids

Splash Poolside Bar & Dining

The kids enjoyed a really healthy lunch the morning we spent at Splash Waterpark in Canggu.  The Kid’s menu was really diverse & very reasonably priced considering we were at a theme park essentially.  There are pool lounges & food & beverage service right at the pools edge, great for parent’s whose kids don’t want to get out of the pool but still need to be watched.  Or a seated restaurant area if everyone needs some drying out!

Ryoshi Japanese

Which kid doesn’t love a bit of sushi when they get tired of satay sticks?  Ryoshi is great Japanese & air-conditioned inside on a really hot day!  They will also do take away if the kids don’t feel like leaving the pool, you can duck out grab what you want & get back to your accommodation before they even know you’re gone!

Corner House

Corner House is one of our favourite places for coffee & it’s great for breakfasts for the kids.  The décor is fresh & light, the staff are super attentive, they learnt how we like to order our coffee after only a day or two & there’s a cute little garden sitting area if your little ones would rather sit outside.

Bali with Kids


In Seminyak there’s 2 Mexican restaurants just around the corner from each other, both different from each other, but both fun filled & serve delicious Mexican food for the kids & grown ups alike!

Don’t leave Sea Circus without trying the Fish Tacos & the kids will love the crazy décor & room to move around at Motel Mexicola.

Bali with Kids

Bali with Kids

So there you have just a few of the restaurants, bars & cafés we visited with our kids in Bali this year.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg & I have to admit that we are there so often that we tend to stick to our favourites!

I’d love to hear where you’ve loved eating in Bali with your family!

If you’d like some more adult options – this is where we ate on our last Girl’s Trip!

Family Friendly Dining Bali









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