My Bali Diary – Day 5 – The Mother’s Day Edition

August 11, 2017

Bali Seminyak Villa Chandra

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Some Mum’s may feel guilty about not being with their kids on Mother’s Day.  I for one do not.  I’m about to tell you about Day 5 on our Bali Girl’s Getaway that happens to fall on Mother’s Day.

Sometime after 6am, a long time after: Wake up to the gentle sound of an air conditioner.  Nothing else.  No heavy, cereal smelling, 6 year old breath centimetres from my face.

Spend approximately 45 minutes in bed, scrolling through Instagram & Facebook & chatting with my roomie without interruption.

Approx 9am: Hear the sound of the our friends in the room next door chatting & laughing & splashing sounds coming from the pool.

Realise that our breakfast will soon be served, so should get out of bed.

Get out of bed to find our breakfast being prepared by our Villa staff & join the other girls on the sun lounges by the pool.  I am still in my pjs.

9.30am: Sit down to full cooked breakfast &  a coffee delivery.

Eat breakfast with an awesome group of girls without having to get up once to mop up spills, find a missing drink bottle or clear the table.

(Note, breakfast is not burnt toast & spilt cup of tea.)  Also, no dishes to do on my “special day”!  BAM!

10.30am: Change out of pyjamas into bathers & assume position by the pool with magazines, best buddies & good tunes.  No ABC for Kids or Disney Channel fighting for my attention.

12pm: Decide it’s time for Mother’s Day festivities to begin (may have Vibered the kids, may have not).  Get dressed & arrive at the amazingly glamorous Alila in Seminyak for cocktail hour.

Dang, this place is ritzy.  Discuss winning Lotto so we can stay here next time.

Get to sit wherever we damn well like, order cocktails with no food, wait, there may have been fries, but there was sharing without fighting & proceed to take selfies like we’re 15 year olds.

Relish the serenity & the booze.

Seminyak Cocktails

Cocktails Bali

2.30pm: Food might actually be a good idea now, not having a small person ask you for something to eat every 5 minutes means forgetting to eat is easy to do.

Walk to Mrs Sippy just down the lane & order lunch by the pool.  Relish the fact that we do not have any responsibility for any of the children close to drowning in the pool.

A tiny bit disappointed that we don’t look as hot as the childless 24 year olds wearing bikinis by the pool….

Quietly crack ourselves up that we continually call this place Mr Whippy by accident……

Remember that burgers & frozen Daiquiris are life!

Seminyak Pool Bars

Lunch Seminyak

Girl's Trip Seminyak

Villa Chandra Seminyak

5pm: Stroll home stopping to look at whatever shop we like. There is no whining & no one steps in manky puddle water on the way home & require a full change of clothes.

6pm: Order takeaway & get back into bathers for a dip & some more cocktails & tunes in our Villa pool.  Soak in the sweet scent of frangipanis & the bubbles in our champers.

9.30pm: Lights out, sleep tight! Might be missing some kisses & hugs from little arms but then remember I’m about to get a night of unbroken sleep & geesh, it’s been a long, full on day…..


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