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A Letter to my Ten Year Old

September 13, 2017

Letter To My Child

Dear You,

Ten years is a long time. Double digits!

You’ve come a long way baby girl.  I’m so proud of who you are.

You started out a shy little thing, I use to joke you were my little tumor.  You never left my side.  There were times I resented your clingy-ness, but as you got older I realised how much we were alike.

I’m very shy too, so I’ve always appreciated your need to understand a situation fully & it’s why I’ve pushed you to try things you normally wouldn’t.  I don’t want your hesitations to cause you to miss out on things I might have done in the same situation.

You’re finding your feet in your own little world these days & nothing makes me prouder than seeing you with your friends.  Such a great group of girls you’ve chosen to be associated with & I know that together you’ll learn how powerful friendships can be & how far they can take you.

You love school.  You are annoyingly good at it, most things come easily to you – even maths, just like your Daddy.  You are excited to learn about everything & you have an amazing memory. If you keep this up you’ll be able to study whatever you choose later, but right now you dream of becoming a Film Maker – an animator.  I love that!

In Pre-Primary you won the school Cross Country running race.  By a lot.

I’d turned up to watch with your baby brother just to get out of the house & there you were crossing the finish line first!  It was the first time you’d ever been in a running race.  I didn’t know until that day that you were a runner.

You love to run & although you’ll never be an Olympic gold medallist, I love to encourage your new found talent & hope that it teaches you some amazing life lessons.  Like resilience, compassion & commitment.

You love to be active; swimming, bike riding, skateboarding, hockey – you want to try everything & anything – just like your Daddy, you struggle to sit still!  The scarier & riskier the better!

But just like me when I was your age, you love to read, write & draw.  I love this quieter side of you too.

You started learning guitar this year & although music doesn’t come naturally to you, you are in love with the art of music & what it can create.  I am living vicariously through you with this one, I always wished I’d learnt an instrument.

Your favourite movie right now is the Disney film The Descendants 2.  You spend time learning the chords from the songs on your guitar, learning their dance moves & even writing your first ever fan letter!  As always, totally committed or not at all!

You are a little perfectionist, you like things just so.  You get frustrated easily, when a drawing you’ve done isn’t up to scratch, or you haven’t mastered the new skateboard trick you’ve learnt on You Tube or when your little brother earns praise for something you wish you had done.  Practice is a word I’m trying to teach you, but boy it don’t come easy to you!!

Speaking of which, your little brother.  When you were two you asked me when your baby brother was coming.  At that stage you were destined to be an only child, your Dad & I had decided that one was enough. Until you started asking.  And guess what?  Another year or so later, you were right – you got a baby brother (a baby sister never even entered your head).

You were so excited about his arrival, you helped me get his room ready, bought him toys & even chose names.  When he arrived you weren’t jealous, although you did insist on having a bath in the sink just like him for quite a while….. You “read” him stories, helped change nappies & gave him his bottle.  You loved him.

Now you are either best of friends of the fiercest of rivals.  You do my head in with your constant bickering & fighting but your moments of togetherness make my heart sing!

Being a big sister to a bratty little brother can be hard, I know because I was one too.  You encourage him to try new things & I know that you will always look out for him.  Please remember he has always wanted to be just like you & following in your wonderfully rounded footsteps can be a hard act for him to follow.

Ten is an awesome age.  Too old for pink, skirts & Shopkins, but still little enough to love cats, glitter & smelly pens!

As you grow, I want you to remember:  You are brave.  You are kind.  You are perfect just the way you are.  You can do & be whatever you set your heart & mind to.

Don’t forget that precious girl.

And please take your time over the next ten years, twenty is way too much for me handle!!!

Love, Your Mama xx





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