A Letter to My Six Year Old

May 2, 2017

Letters to my children

Dear You,

I must admit there have been days I thought we wouldn’t make it this far.  Six years old today!

You have been the most accident prone kid since the day your older sister accidentally tipped you out of the pram when you were very small.  She actually did it again getting off a packed train in Tokyo too, but that’s another story….

I use to joke that you should permanently wear a crash helmet because since the day you started walking (at 10 months old!!!) you have tripped, climbed, fallen, scaled & hiked up anything & everything you could find.

You are & have always been an adventurer.  I never had to worry about your big sister wandering off, but with you, I’d turn my back for a moment & woosh, you’d be gone.

Your lust for life is contagious, I hope you never lose your interest in pretty much everything & anything.  How things work, why they sound like they do & smells, don’t get me started on smells! You can name a whiff as soon as you catch it on the tip of your cute little nose.  You have always smelt things & for a long time that’s how you determined if you liked something or not, by it’s aroma!

Cooking is something you have always been interested in.  Especially the dangerous stuff like chopping, peeling, grating, frying & flipping! I have tried to encourage you as much as I can, even though it terrifies me at times! Your independent nature means you have always wanted to make your own porridge, cook the popcorn & butter the toast.  Amazingly you have yet to have an injury in the kitchen though, so perhaps I have a little Chef in the making!

You discovered Justin Beiber recently.  You devour his music videos, copy his dance moves & hair flick.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else!  You love music & dancing.  It saddens me that you are just becoming aware of us watching you while you dance & you get embarrassed.  Please don’t be, I think I’ll enrol you in Break dancing classes so you don’t lose your passion anytime soon.

And skateboarding.  The whole culture intrigues you – the clothes, the boards, the poses.  You had a big stack though this year & you knocked out your front tooth at the skate park.  You have been hesitant to go back.  Don’t rush it buddy, you’ll get there.

You are a little thrill seeker.  You must get that from your Dad.  Skateboarding, BMX, water slides & scary rides at the Royal Show – you love them all.

Like me though, you like quiet time.  You love TV & the movies.  You are learning to read & to love it.  I love watching you be able to string words together on signs, in menus & of course books.  Oh the world you will discover when you can read!!

Your passion is fierce.  You love your friends & your family whole heartedly, but being so passionate means you also get devastatingly disappointed & frustrated.  I hope we can work on this together.  It breaks my heart to see you not able to handle your emotion, but I think if we can get it under control, you will be a better man for it one day.

Your sister has always been your number 1 role model.  You have always strived to catch up to her & take on whatever she did.  When you are friends you are the very best, but lately, oh my goodness you two fight!  Physically & mentally.  It exhausts me & both of you.  You remind me so much of my brother & I.  I’m thankful I have that experience to draw from & I know that one day you’ll be great friends.  Your sister is a wonderful example for you.  I know she seems like the “golden child” but you have your own “gold”.  You shine brightly just the way you are. Don’t forget that!

I have to let you go a little I know.  You won’t hold my hand as we walk through the school gate anymore.  Sometimes you tell me I’m embarrassing you & I have to sneak a kiss goodbye outside the classroom.  You’re nearly to heavy for me to carry.  But I still get lots of cuddles & kisses at home, so I’m going to make the most of those for the time being!

So, now my little six year old, go forth & conquer!  Use this year to grow & learn & love.

Love, your Mama x


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