80s Icons

October 17, 2014

So I’ve got a 40th coming up, the theme is to dress as an 80s icon.  Ah the memories this theme conjures up for me.  As a child of the 80s & a pop culture nut I have a list a mile long of icons from the 80s that I’d secretly like to dress up as for the night!  Here are my top 10 Female 80s icons.  They may not be icons to everyone, but they all hold a special place in my heart!  Not sure how easy a costume for each one would be, but where there’s a will there’s a way!

Well, to put it quite simply, Jem was truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous!  I had the colouring book, I watched the TV show, would have loved to be Jem or one of the Holograms.  Perhaps early Katy Perry inspiration!!

The Cosby Show girls.  Denise, Vanessa it didn’t matter, they had style that I had never seen before.  Style that I wanted to have!!   My whole family loved this show, it was funny, it was clever & boy was the fashion hot!

Cyndi Lauper, She’s So Unusual was one of the first cassettes I bought & I think I could recite each track & the order of the tracks to this day.  Who wouldn’t want to be Cyndi, the hair, the clothes – the fun!

If Cyndi was fun, Annie Lennox was pure sophistication.  No one else could pull off that hair, those suits.  So beautiful, so strong.  And that voice!

I’d never ridden a BMX in my life when I saw BMX Bandits at the movies.  But after I’d seen it, I wanted to be Nicole Kidman, in a pink t-shirt & parachute pants, hanging out with the boys, doing jumps & stuff.  Perhaps the first movie character I wanted to be.

There’s nothing really to be said about Madonna that hasn’t already been said.  I think she was the best at the very beginning of her career.  The hair, the accessories, the attitude.  We’d never seen anything like her before.  She paved the way.

Strawberry Shortcake, they were all so sweet.  I saved & saved my pocket money to collect them all.  Why did they have to go & change them?  They were super cute just like this.  Ah, the sweet smell of strawberries!

I am a massive Bananarama fan, I still crank out the tunes from time to time.  And come on, don’t tell me that Venus isn’t still to this day one of the greatest music videos of all time.  If you don’t believe me, watch it here.

Kylie Minogue.  I sigh just saying her name.  Game changer for me.  I loved Kylie.  Still do.  I chose this pic because it’s how she started out & how I related to her.  Fresh.  Cute.  Wholesome.  Sigh.

I had fun finding this picture.  I am a magazine nut & have always been a magazine nut.  Dolly magazine was a huge part of the 80s for me.  I consumed each issue, pouring over the fashion, the styling, the super stars & maybe a bit of Dolly Dr.  Back in the day, models were always on the cover of Dolly.  They used the same models inside & out from issue to issue so you got to know them, feel like they were friends.  Dolly used loads of Alison Brahe.  Gorgeous, beachy Aussie bombshell/girl next door.  We loved her, we wished we were her.  Dolly magazine & Alison Brahe go hand in hand for me.

So there you go.  What do you think of my list – have I left anyone off?  Were you a child of the 80s or are these people completely foreign to you?  I might have to do the boys next!  Let me know your 80s icon, I won’t laugh I promise!

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