2015 – Here I Come

February 2, 2015

I’ve been making a New Year’s Resolution for pretty much my entire adult life.  And I’m pretty sure it’s always been the same thing.  “Get Fit”.  It never happens.  I don’t think I even try.

So this year, things are going to be different.  I am not making a New Year’s Resolution.  I am going to set a goal.  And that goal is simply to “TRY”.

I am going to TRY harder, more succinctly & with more effort.  Just generally, across the board.  You know what I mean, at EVERYTHING!!!

Number 1 is top of my TRY list & that is to be more positive, to focus on the positive & to only speak in a positive manner.  I have on reflection of 2014 taken to speaking negatively just to fill in space, to make myself heard.  I know it’s a self preservation thing, I’m shy & to make up for that I speak without thinking at times.  But it’s not healthy for me, or for the person on the receiving end.  Anyway, from now on, I will TRY to be more positive.  There, already started!!

Here’s a few more items on my TRY list.  This year I will TRY:

to live more sustainably
to be more efficient in my housework (I’m lazy, I suck! – Oops, negative, sorry!)
to spend more quality time with my family
to dedicate more time to me
to balance my work & family more effectively
to keep my wardrobe tidy & organised
to budget!!
to be a great friend, daughter, Mum, Wife
to take the time to be thankful

Oh yeah, and to TRY to start up a real exercise regime, maybe even join a class or something!!!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions & how does that go for you??  If you were going to try harder at something this year, what would it be?

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