10 Life Lessons Reality TV Has Taught Me

May 16, 2015

I am a reality TV fan.

I’ve watched seasons & seasons of Project Runway, Project Runway Australia & Project Runway All Stars. Then there’s Next Top Model – I’ve watched them all, America’s, Australia’s & even some Brazilian Top Model (got to love models in subtitles!)

Survivor, Amazing Race, GoggleBox, The Voice, American & Australian Idol, The Kardashians, The Hills, The Apprentice.  The Block, Reno Rumble & House Rules.  And I haven’t even started on the cooking shows…

Mindless, useless garbage, on one hand I agree.   On the other, I would like to put to you, the positives.  The laughs, the discussions, the outfits!  And, most importantly, 10 life lessons you can learn from reality TV.

Did I miss anything out?  Any lessons you’ve learnt from Reality TV, or do you avoid it at all costs??

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