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10/10 Photography February 2016

February 10, 2016

I’m not entirely sure how we are already at the 10th of February 2016 – but here we are – my how time flies!

This month was fairly crazy here at Forty Up HQ.  Both my kids are now at full time big school – the couple of weeks getting them sorted & organised & not to mention motivated & then the week actually back at school has been exciting & draining for all of us.

My ten photos for this month are of my newly renovated kitchen, designed & built by Designstyle Cabinets.

It took about 4 months in it’s entirety.  We ripped up tiles, knocked out a wall, re-designed & re-built!  We couldn’t be happier with the result.

I do also have a new found respect for all you stylists out there.  I managed to find a day when my kitchen was looking pretty good I thought, well, it was tidy – & that’s a start!  I took a ton of photos, moved plants around, played with light.

The end result is these ten photos.  I’m not excited about them, I will obviously never be a visual room stylist for Real Living.  But I am really happy with how our kitchen looks & most importantly how it functions for our family.  My photography will improve, that’s part of the reason I love being part of this group!

Remember this is a photography group with links to each of us – so please click on this link to Jen over at Pierced Wonderings when you are finished with my pics, & continue through all the links until you are back here with me!  We love your comments so please drop us a line & tell us you stopped by!

DesignStyle Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

Design Style Cabinets

{Kitchen design & fit out: Design Style, Stools: Replica Alvar Aalto Barstool, Flying Ducks: Fremantle Pickers,  Wooden Magnetic Chore Chart: Mollydagmade, Fig: Bunnings, Basket: My Little Bungalow (sold out), Salt & Pepper Grinders: KMart, Tapware: Mizu Drift}

Not at all surprisingly, I don’t have any photos of our kitchen pre renovation – but I do have this one, mid-renovation – I’m sure you can get the idea!

Kitchen Reno

Have you been through a kitchen renovation?  How did you find it – were you happy with the way it turned out?  Anything you’d do differently?

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  • Oh my goodness – what a beautiful kitchen. I love all the white.

    • Thanks Stephanie – it’s super practical, every cupboard is full too – where did all that stuff fit before???? 😉

  • Wowzers! What a transformation – it looks just dreamy and impeccably tidy! I would be happy if I had a kitchen like that too! Mine is very brown and in desperate need of renovation but the thought of saving for it, planning for it and then having to live through it all seems a bit too hard right now. In the meantime, I’ll just swoon over yours!

    • Thanks Sammie – it was a mission at the time, but super happy with it now!! xx

  • I love a white kitchen. And I loooove the how do you call it in the middle ? where you can cook and have a glass of wine with friends? You have very good taste! Bravo! xx cathy

    • Thanks Cathy – we call it our breakfast bar – although it’s used for wine too! 😉 xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Ohhh that tap is all kinds of sexy! We did our kitchen (ourselves) eight years ago, it’s still going strong however I would like to change the splashback tiles to a hexagon white and grey marble…thanks to ‘The Block’ for putting that idea in my head.

    • I was all for hexagon tiles too Jenni – Mr D poo-ooed them though – so we compromised! He chose the black tap too! AND, the stools we stole from The Block – that show has a lot to answer for!! 😉

  • I love it Shan! So clean and functional. How did you go without it for 4 months? We’re about to start looking into a big reno but I have no idea where to start so have just been putting it off! Xx

    • It was hard work Shannon! We cooked a lot outside on the bbq – actually the food wasn’t the biggest issue, it was the dishes! Our laundry sink was where we washed up, so there was endless piles of dishes & laundry all on top of each other – blah! It was worth it in the end! xx

  • I’m sooooooo coming over soon!! I can see us chatting non stop in that pretty kitchen for hours!! Stylie pictures indeed Shan – I bet you’re a kitchen goddess and all! xx

  • Looks lovely Shannon! I love the black subway tiles you’ve used. Our kitchen was done up about 3 years ago now when we renovated the house. We had a temp kitchen and laundry for use, which was the best decision we made.

    • It’s hard work at the time isn’t it, but always for the best I think!

  • It’s beautiful! I love how clean and sleek it looks. We’ve not remodeled yet – when we bought our house last year, it was mostly updated. We had to do some electrical work (& need to do even more), which has resulted in some destruction of the back-splash, which needs to be replaced now, and I think I’d like to resurface the cabinets. And replace the flooring, which was improperly installed in the first place. So apparently we need to remodel lol!

    • I hate to say it, but I think it’s never ending! We would still like to re-do the bathroom & laundry, but they’ll have to wait for now!!

  • What a difference – it looks beautiful Shannon! I’ll be going through a full reno (including kitchen) later this year. Having Handy Hubby as designer and owner/builder will certainly be handy but I can imagine it will still be stressful (lots of nights at my folks and the in-laws or eating from the laundry!). I know it’s only a small thing but how cool is that cactus pen holder?! I also spy some chore chips on the fridge – hope they are working a treat 🙂

    • Yes, the chore chips are working a treat! Thanks for the tip! And the cactus pen holder, yep, gotta stay out of Typo when there’s a sale on!!! x

  • Oh I love your kitchen! I live an apartment now, but my dream kitchen has white cabinets like yours! 🙂

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