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10/10 January 2016

January 10, 2016

I’ve been a little slack with participating, or should I say, not participating in my Clever Cookie 10/10 photography group for the last few months.  But here I am 2016 – back with a vengeance!

Each month on the 10th day, a group of us link up to share 10 photos we have taken that month, hence the 10/10.  So please, at the end of this post, click on the link to my pal Jo over at You Had Us At Hello & follow through the links until you get back to me.  Leaving us a comment of how much you liked our pics will really make our day! 😉

I’ve just spent week down South at our country property (I know right?  It sounds so la dee da!), but we’ve had this place nearly 15 years now & Mr D & I lived in it for nearly 10, so it’s a little home away from home for us.  You can read a bit of my back story here.

It’s in a small town called Nannup, 3 hours South of Perth, about 45 minutes East of Margaret River for you East Coast types (I’m hoping Margaret River is a bit of a land mark for you!).

The Summer isn’t my favourite time of year to go to Nannup.  It’s hot, it’s dry & usually very windy.  The cows get a bit pongy too.  But needless to say we always have a great time, catching up with old friends, the kids climb trees, ride their bikes & we play lots of board games.  Mr D & I spend a lot of time sitting out the back, star gazing, drinking wine & admiring the serenity!

So, here are 10 photos I took of our place & many of our little travel souvenirs that make up “The Old Dairy”.


Nannup South Western Australia

This is our entry.  The caricature was done of Mr D & I back in 1998 in Paris, the Stairway to the Moon print was bought in Broome & our little fire dragons lugged all the way back from Taiwan!

Nannup South Western Australia

This bowl was bought for me by my Mum in Turkey, the tribal ear piece somewhere in Malaysia & a collection of foreign coins.  Our little Lucky Cat came back from Japan with us.  He’s super cute & with his jingly bell it’s hard to keep the little kids away from him!

Nannup South Western Australia

Nannup South Western Australia

Ah, my favourite corner to sit!  These couches have been in our family since I was a little girl.

Nannup South Western Australia

Nannup is the natural habitat of the Blue Wren, we love watching them hop & jump about, so I couldn’t not bring these two little cuties back from Prague with me.

Nannup South Western Australia

This is my kid’s room.  The Indonesian puppet is from Bali, the mobile from Laos & the artwork was bought in a local art show in Nannup.

Nannup South Western Australia

This wooden Mary & Child I lugged back from Poland along with a 15 piece Nativity Scene, but it was so worth it, she’s gorgeous!

Nannup South Western Australia

This is where Mr D & I spend most of our time!  No fires this time of year, but in Winter it’s perfect.  This is a new addition to the house & unfortunately was not there when we were actually

living there!

Nannup South Western Australia

This is a favourite space the whole family enjoys!  A very rustic outdoor bath where the kids spend hours playing & Mr D & I solve the world’s problems late at night under the stars……

Hope you enjoyed one of my favourite places as much as I do!

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