10 Little Black Dresses With Sleeves Under $200

June 29, 2016

When Lyst approached me about checking out their new website, I knew exactly what I wanted to scope out.  Black dresses.

Everyone needs a black dress & it doesn’t necessarily need to be little.  In fact, it’s so cold out right now, I’m looking for a black dress with sleeves!

Perfect in the winter months, a denim or leather jacket teamed with some ankle boots can get you to your destination toasty warm, the sleeve on the dress still keeping you a little warmer if the jacket needs to come off.

Black dresses with knee high boots or sneakers & a long line cardigan, you’ve got a weekend look covered.

Let me tell you about the Lyst shopping experience.  Based in the US, but with a site tailored just for Australia, (for shipping & in Australian dollars) you can shop items from all over the world, the best designers, labels & stores from around the globe, all in one spot!

The Lyst site is visually gorgeous, you’ll be browsing the edits & stocking up your wish list before you know it!

What excites me most about Lyst is the option of browsing so many stores in the one place.  So, we’re looking for a black dress, under $200.  Refine those details & up come black dresses from a heap of different retailers all over the world, in my budget!

The dresses I’ve shown above are from some of my favourite stores & designers, Macy’s, Stella McCartney, Topshop, ASOS, Nordstrom Rack, French Connection & more that I’ve never heard of & am just waiting to discover!

And we’re talking top of the range designers with prices in the mega bucks all the way down to the stores I frequent regularly.  And the sales!  The sale pages are the best!

Here’s some little beauties just waiting to be teamed up with your black dress!  And I know, I know, these babies aren’t in your under $200 budget – but they are pretty fantastic – I just had to show you some of the amazing things you can find on Lyst!


SJP Black Baton Booties, Lyst $525, Black Women’s Posen Clutch, Lyst $209, Kate Spade Out of Office Stud Earrings, Lyst, $62

(L-R) Osaka Norma Maxi Dress, Lyst $179, Patricia Pepe Short Dress, Lyst $172, French Connection Tommy Sweat Dress, Lyst $111,

American Vintage Knee Length Dress, Lyst $107, Vince Camuto Tie Sleeve Crepe Shift Dress, Lyst $102, Twin Set Short Dress, Lyst $156,

Jen’s Pirate Booty Black Magic Mini Dress, Lyst $137,  Topshop Kimono Dress, Lyst $61, YMC Cold Shoulder Waist Tie Dress, Lyst $148, Stella McCartney Amber Crepe Mini Dress, Lyst $136

Did you find something you love?  Just remembering when ordering items from overseas there will be shipping cost & time frame that you’ll need to factor into your purchase.  I hope you enjoy Lyst & all the options it brings you, in the comfort of your own lounge room, or bed, or office, where ever you like to do your online shopping!  Let me know what you find that you love!

*This is a sponsored post for Lyst – all opinions are my own.

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