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10 Of My Favourite Travel Posts

September 2, 2015

It’s that time of year, I start getting itchy feet.  It’s been a long, cold, dull Winter & I’m dreaming of somewhere tropical, the sand between my toes, no chores & lazy sunshine filled days!  My count down has begun to a family holiday to Thailand later this year, but until then, I’m reading lots of travel posts by Bloggers getting out there & adventuring!

Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I have….

Best Travel Blogs

A Million Things to do in Dubai – I love The Fashion Bloggers on Foxtel & I especially loved the last episode this season when the girls got to pack their many, many bags & travel to Dubai!  Makes me want to organise my own girls trip to the desert asap!!  Here’s Zanita’s take on the trip.

Best Travel Tips

10 Reasons to Pack Up & Move to Japan – I love Boy Eats World – the story of a family with Raff (Boy!) & their travels.  As a family who travelled to Japan earlier this year I totally agree with all of these points!

Why We Have Booked A Disney Cruise – Strangly enough I’m with Kirralee from Escape with Kids, I think this sounds awesome!!  I am a Disney fanatic for a start, I love a holiday where I can take the kids but don’t have to be with them every waking moment & although I’ve only ever cruised once, I loved it!

Best Travel Blogs

Exploring Nusa Lembongan – We’ve just booked our next Easter school holidays in Indonesia & this trip I’m excited to be trying Nusa Lembongan for a change.   I must Little Miss Bali had some influence over our choice of destination – just check out the photos!

Best Travel Blogs

Tips for Air Travel With Young Kids – Karin from Calm to Conniption has it all sorted here.  I’ve travelled with my kids a lot over the years & it is a fine art!  If you’re heading off anywhere soon with your rugrats, check out this post!!

6 Holiday Rentals In France for $100 per Night – you don’t need much more encouragement that do you??  These rentals are perfect for families & there’s links to each one so you can drool over the idea of fresh baguettes for breakfast, croissants for morning tea, oh & loads of authentic Parisian style!!  Thanks to Leanne at Getaway Guru.

Best travel tips

My Best Kept Travel Tips – you just can’t read too many of these posts!  Someone has always got a little treasured bit of advice that you take on board & use on your next adventure.  Malinda from My Brown Paper Packages has some great tips!

Where We Ate in New York – thanks Dianne from Travelletto, I never get tired of reading absolutely anything about New York – these places had me yearning to return to the greatest city in the world asap!

6 Cliché Travel Experiences You Shouldn’t Avoid – Ha ha, thank you Four Around the World!  Think I’ve done most of these – I’m obviously not one to miss out on a cliché, besides, they’re always the best photo opportunities!!!

How to Travel the Virgin Way is a great post by Jo at You Had Us At Hello – being upbeat & always positive is a great way to travel!

What do you think – are you inspired to get out there on an adventure all of your own?  Where are you off to next?

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