10 Perfect Christmas Day Dresses with Pattern!

    December 9, 2016

    Pretty Patterns

    Christmas Day.  It’s something different for everyone.  For me, the morning is spent in pyjamas opening presents with the kids by the Christmas tree.  Then its a relaxed lunch with family at home & depending on how many glasses of bubbles have been consumed, maybe a late arvo trip to the beach.

    In keeping with the relaxed lunch activity, I’ve put together 10 dresses that fit the brief.  Comfy, cool & plenty of pattern to keep things festive!  Pattern is an easy way to make an outfit fun & casual & it’s not something I wear a lot of.

    It can be hard to find a great dress for under $200 so I’ve tried to provide a variety in the prices.  There’s a wide range of sizes & lengths too! Check out all the shoes these models are wearing in each pic too – dresses like these are really versatile, they’re great with sneakers, heels or a fun pair of sandals.  They’ll get you through all Summer no matter what you’re up to!

    Hopefully I’ve found something that might inspire your own Christmas Day look!

    Christmas Day Dresses

    Samana Boho Tunic by Solito $200, Moniqua Maxi by Adrift $135 (this dress goes up to size 2XL), Bondi Mid Swing Dress by Mister Zimi $150

    Christmas Day Outfits

    Wilma Wrap Fringe Dress by Hello Parry $180*, Lovebird Half Moon Gown by Spell Designs $300*, Marrakech Sophie Dress by Bohemian Traders $150 (this dress sizes up to a 4XL)*

    Comfortable Dresses

    Georgia Maxi Dress by The White Owl Boutique $65, Desert Muse Tiered Dress by Suboo $229, Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress by Shein $21

    Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

    Georgia Maxi Dress by The White Owl Boutique $65, Desert Muse Tiered Dress by Suboo $229, Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress by Shein $21, Lemonade Dress by Sheike $140


    What do you think of my choices?  Are you feeling inspired?  Or do you already have your Christmas Day outfit sorted, you organised thing you!



    *these are affiliate links & if you click & buy, although you pay the same,  I receive a small commission.


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