Top 3 Frocks – Episode 9 The Bachelor Australia 2016

    August 25, 2016

    The Bachelor Australia 2016 Dresses

    We started with ten girls last night & we’re down to eight!  The new girl, the horsie one who’s name I can’t remember & Noni went home.  I fear that Noni’s young age & the fact she nearly vomited & spat an oyster into her hand last week might not have bared well for her with Richie.

    Nonetheless, the ladies we have left scrubbed up pretty well last night & I probably could have actually picked five frocks I liked, but in keeping with the diminishing number of Bachelorettes I thought I’d stick to a top three from now on.

    What do you think of my choices?  Do you agree or disagree?

    Number 1 – Steph

    We don’t know Steph that well, she’s an intruder so she hasn’t been on the scene for very long.  I am loving her Rose Ceremony choices though.  She’s keeping them classicly cool which suit her whole blonde, pouty Marilyn Monroe thing she’s got going on!

    The Bachelor Australia Steph

    Dress – Bariano

    Earrings – Salsuli

    Bracelet – Adorne

    Shoes – Tony Bianco

    Number 2 – Nikki

    Nikki takes fashion risks, which when they work, they are sensational – when they don’t, you’re kind of left wondering what she was thinking!  Tonight, the colour is perfect on Nikki.  I was a little dubious about the cut outs, during the show there were moments when she was sitting down that I thought we were going to have a wardrobe malfunction!  In this photo though, she is a picture of perfection!

    The Bachelor Australia Nikki

    Dress – Missguided

    Earrings, Bangle & Ring – Pushmataaha

    Shoes – Windsor Smith

    Number 3 – Kiki

    What is it about Kiki that I love??  You wouldn’t see me dead in this dress, but she totally rocks it!  She was a black goth dream girl in this dress – I think Kiki could wear just about anything & make it work for her.

    The Bachelor Australia Kiki Dress

    Dress – Constantina & Louise

    Earrings & Bracelet – Swarovski

    Shoes – Steve Madden


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